Etisalat 2015 Flash Fiction Competition

Hello blogfam! Welcome to the weekend. . . How’s yours gonna be spent? Mine is gonna be spent doing a lot of cooking for someone. . . *hehehehe. . . not an olopo, just someone who likes cooking and I do cook for birthdays etc at times if asked and if free*
Last Month, I did the Etisalat Flash Fiction Competition – it is a story of 300 words. . . I made my submission and on Thursday this week, I got an e-mail that my story was approved for the competition.
So, second step, I need your votes to win this competition.
All you need to do is read and vote my story by clicking on this link . . . then you click on Vote below the story. It’s that simple. I am counting on you all my amazing blogosphere family to win!
NB: Voting starts on Monday, 9th November, 2015. . . please don’t vote before hand! I love you guys! I’m looking forward to seeing your votes en masse!
Enjoy the weekend!

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