Dear Doe,
It’s been a while. . . a break in communication with you but not with life. . . Andrew Marvell was right in his poem to the ‘Coy Mistress’ about time’s winged chariot hurrying near’. . . the times have changed and the moments swirls in circles. . . the memories are fading and the feelings tasting sour like they weren’t once sweet!
I looked at your notes, they hummed sadness, I couldn’t imagine myself playing keys to a sad song! One time, melancholies were my favourite; now I have lost taste for the ‘once‘ and found beauty and warmth in the hands of ‘now‘. . . Now, my favourites have become my allergies. . . Sadness now gives me zits unlike goose pimples. . . Now, I know the ugliness that differentiated zits from goose pimples. . . Now, I wanna smile and not fake it! I want to smell roses in summer and in spring. I want to wake in purple and sleep in pink. . . I want to rest in lavender and play in strawberry. I need the moon to be jealous of how much smile I flash her every new nights unlike the scorn she’s used to. I need the sun to bronze the bridges of my nose and blush the apple of my cheeks.
I wanna walk in a garden of matured coloured apples and wake every morning to the smell of yellow roses. . . I want to wake in the morning to a brewing taste of dark coffee made by a masculine hand. . . I relish the strength of a strong hand rocking my back like a baby’s after a stressful day. . . I wanna wake everyday like it’s December with a bottle of wine, two cups and a fireplace. . .
That’s love! The kind of desire that makes you wanna abandon sadness for happy! The yearning that makes you wanna level your road with the debris from your broken walls. . . the feeling that makes you wanna ditch fear just to try!
. . . The only thing I need you to crave for like you do with dark chocolates. . .             

Feminist with unconventional thoughts . . . an everything art, literature, daily living and lifestyle world with enough faith toppings. Sometimes, the toppings are everything. Here, you give in to your cravings, get satisfied, crave anew and stay addicted.


  • Moduroti

    Amazing! Your prowess and strength with words make me wanna smile all day!. . . Purple, pink, lavender, strawberry, coffee, fire place, dark chocolates. . . You are such a romantic and your blog is a keeper! Please don’t stop writing. . . I hope the Doe reads this.

  • ufuomaotebele

    My favorite blog post in months!!! 🙂 I enjoyed the imagery throughout the post. I don’t ask for too much when I fall in love, I guess that’s why I’ve been able to do that…fall too easily. I do want to wake up to the fresh scent of roses but!! I’ll take whatever I can get…
    Thumbs up Ibunkun… we need to do a piece together.

    • Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      Hehehehehehe! Same here o; falling too easily is an Achilles heel for me but I don’t wanna take whatever I can get o! Lol. . . thanks boo! You are so right about a piece together; I’m looking forward to it! . . . I’m excitedly anticipating.

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