Urunwa: The Lamentations of A Mother

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Come here shameless man
I’m not going to die with the
truth in my mouth.
She was just a baby;
Urunwa was just a baby
when you cut her
saying it will help her
not to be promiscuous.
I bu onye ajo omume
You and Ichie Jamuike turned my
daughter’s name into a curse!
Yobachi says Urunwa lies
like a log of wood every night. . .
You should be ashamed your
daughter feels nothing under
a grip of a man like Yobachi!
Woe betides you!
You have eaten your daughter’s clitoris
And now she knows no fun;
My Urunwa is now an agadi nwaayi at 35!
She is now a Mother of plenty children from other
Akpa nwa!
You are a bastard Belonwu!
You ruined my daughter!
May that palm wine suffocate you
May Amadioha strike you
May Ala roast your manhood.
Accept death!
‘cos nothing can stop your doom.
I am Iweobiegbulam
but I’d rather die of anger
than forgive you!
© Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

Feminist with unconventional thoughts . . . an everything art, literature, daily living and lifestyle world with enough faith toppings. Sometimes, the toppings are everything. Here, you give in to your cravings, get satisfied, crave anew and stay addicted.

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