From Dorothy with Pain

This is another post inspired by Adichie Babz February Depression series. . . thanks gurl!!!!
For years now, I cried without sounds;
maybe I never wanted my voice
to be heard.
I heard screams from the walls
Anytime I try to feel any other thing
apart from sad and moody,
I subconsciously replay sad moments
to make me feel better. . .
Sad became positive energy
and happy; a bad vibe. . .
I knew what I had
but nothing was helping
and they said I might start
hurting myself soon
So, I went over the counter. . .
Adaku said it’d make me feel good
and it did only for some time
So I tried not to miss my dose. . .
Every time I walk the street,
Adaku screams about the latest
‘feel good’ in the market
but I was fading
and my colours were becoming dull.
My name is Dorothy
I’m surviving on antidepressants
I want to stop
But I don’t know how!

Feminist with unconventional thoughts . . . an everything art, literature, daily living and lifestyle world with enough faith toppings. Sometimes, the toppings are everything. Here, you give in to your cravings, get satisfied, crave anew and stay addicted.

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