Happy New Month: Love over Vain Arguments

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Happy New Month people. . . Welcome to March. I pray the Lord make every crooked way straight, heal every wounds, infirmities and make lines fall for us in pleasant places.
I’m kinda in a place where I’m learning new things; spiritually and physically; especially the part where I learn to manage my emotions and not let it manage me and also the part where I’m confident in the fact that our life individually is God’s personal race if you let Him run it for you, there’s no pressure but to do you, be you, one step at a time at your rate; not feeling like a waster or like you are performing below expectation or you lagging behind or life is a competition. . . you know to each one his/her own deposits; He gave gifts to men, some teachers, some apostles but to each one his/her own uniqueness and one key thing I’ve learnt is that God doesn’t give us a particular thing if we are not worthy or unfit for that gift. . . yes, you might have to go through a lot of processing and finishing to be in shape for that which He has commissioned you and they might not be near palatable or convenient but each day we are being disciplined for purpose, to be better. . . pressed on every side but not destroyed.
Last week, a seemingly minute incident happened to me on IG. . . I posted something and then someone I never thought could do such left a demeaning comment on my post like a scornful comment and in my mind I was like what???? and then in my head I was constructing and reconstructing my response for like 10 minutes you know your girl is a wordsmith. I was doing this for as long as I could remember and God was like I get that was a little bit uncalled for and low but you know you’re gonna type that response and she’s gonna see it and not probably but definitely gonna reply and you gonna get mad a little more and you gonna start vain arguments and in my mind I struggled with that knowing for a minute and then I mellowed and I was like Girl, I don’t know why you gotta sound so hateful but I’m not gonna allow the devil to prey on my words and my mind so I’m just gonna show you love. I’m just gonna let your comment be matter, let it occupy some instaspace and if it kinda make me feel uncomfortable still, I can always delete. . . you know I had to say it out so it could sink in.
So I just ignored the comment and moved on in love, doesn’t mean I hate the person or I won’t like her picture of interest, or appreciate her when need be or reply her another time if she shows love. . . you know, getting to a place of constant maturity is what God is taking me through daily cos I’m not a nut job but I’m an emotional person and I love it!!!! It’s a blessing to be able to feel but there’s grace not to let your feelings tell you what to do every time.
Y’all know it’s easy to banter words and throw shades on social media these days but biko don’t let the devil use you!!!! And if someone wants to allow him/herself to be used to prey on your mind, please activate your boundary; anything or anyone that brings drama into my life is not allowed; I’m gonna love you but I’m gonna protect my space as well. . . you can do the two without hating on anyone.
I love you guys and I hope someone has been blessed. . . Mwah!!!! March on in love, avoid meaningless arguments and stay balling. . . I know the struggle is real but God is the realest.

Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only starts fights – II Timothy 2:23 (NLT)

© 2016 Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

10 thoughts on “Happy New Month: Love over Vain Arguments”

  1. I have to say Ibukun.. That without mincing words yeah Bubba.. That 1st paragraph alone is enough MOTIVATION to keep a man on his top grind all friGGing Month.. I mean it was Deep to the TEE. Bubba.. Deep I tell you. Thanks for sharing..
    @”our life individually is GOD’S personal race if you let Him run it for you.. ”
    And in response.. Duru goes.. oshey! BaDDest!!! Wow! My darling.. Those arent your words sam sam eh! It is the Heavens that has blessed you with those.. AMAZING WISDOM Nne.. AMAZING WISDOM.
    Happy March Bubba.. March on With grace.. xx

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