Just because I couldn’t make it on Tuesday as promised. . .
Just because I’m finally here. . .
Just because I decided to drop this here cos it’s more than poetry. . .
Just because we’re trying to be back. . .
I call this one UNCONTAMINATED. . .
We journey the road of life
having expectations,
with a mindset of how it should go. . .
They say when we journey
We should be open minded
Stuff our expectations inside
a pouch and roast
the road map to ashes
cos one is useful than the other. . .
They were wrong I said
But we were; I realized. . .
Cos sometimes life looks
Like Double O 7,
You have it all promising,
Then you walk into your death. . .
Or maybe not,
Maybe its Grey,
When tragedy falls
Undeserved and unprepared. . .
But we were kept for a time as this,
When we will no longer hold back
But share,
And let your world breathe in fresh air
Cos we are a whole new world;
~ ©2016. Ibukunwrites.
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Yes, the environment became unhealthy,
Yes, you inhaled toxins and became so
Still again you rose,
Like a phoenix from the ashes
And remained uncontaminated. ~ Ibukunwrites

Feminist with unconventional thoughts . . . an everything art, literature, daily living and lifestyle world with enough faith toppings. Sometimes, the toppings are everything. Here, you give in to your cravings, get satisfied, crave anew and stay addicted.

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