Hey! I’m Bringing ‘HIT’ back

Happy New Week Blogfam!!!! Thanks for the love in the previous blogpost; it’s been sunshine and warmth here! Thank you!

So, a quick run to d-destination?
Many years ago (??? I mean, it’s sounding like a decade down the line but naaaah!!! Iz not) I started a series on this blog and I couldn’t go on!

A little history

One time, I found myself on blogspot and I started this series; then I found myself on naijastories and I started sharing the series there too! And again, I moved to WordPress and I started fully but along the line, a lot of things happened (challenges that couldn’t help but affect my dedication to the story and the blog itself).
I did quite a number of posts to explain and expose the situation because, I wouldn’t stop getting messages. In fact, some were quite insulting and critical, all in the process of finding out what’s up with the series. Yet, all of these I understood and did my best to respond to.
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While at that, I got a lot of mails from people wanting to feature the series on their platforms seeking my permission and of which I gladly gave (at no cost pls). At those points, getting those mails was lifting for me. I wasn’t in a good place to put most of my pieces out here on the blog and I couldn’t continue the series either but I was motivated by the desires of those platforms to feature them. I felt there was something I was doing right and I desired the energy to get back to it again.
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Chief of all the motivation I got was the mail from Sally of moskedapages showing her willingness to feature my series. By that time, I had resumed the series in private but not on the blog and then again, I couldn’t go on! For that reason, Sally had no choice but to halt my series on her page which I totally understand why even though I wished things were different.
But, in all of these journeys, I had to make certain decisions and I realized I give less credit to myself for how far I’ve come and how much I’ve managed to pull successfully even though all odds were not in my favour! I walk in my own shoes and I can tell you, how I’ve managed to pull my career/passion/art/work through my everyday issues astounds me!
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And then I had this penned down somewhere in my diary when I had one those series messages and I got engrossed thinking about it all . . .

Sometimes we go through the motions of life and I can say I’ve had my very unfair share of life experiences and daily, I do my best to make sure that it fuels my creativity than tear it apart but sometimes, I can’t control these things; sometimes, I need a break, sometimes, I’m falling apart, sometimes, I’m trying to be hopeful, sometimes, I need to write to God more than I write here and sometimes, I need to edify others while I go through my pain and in all these years, one thing I’ve realized is, I’m allowed to own my moments – I’m allowed to pull a pause on whatever, if I think it’s best. I’m allowed to define strong differently. I’m allowed to take a break and the truth is, no one is as important to a writer than her audience and her creative musings but a writer only live many lives on the pages of a book and she’s living those lives because she’s here experiencing them. ~ Ibukunwrites.

Above all, I realized people do not understand these things – they are not insensitive, they are just protective and concerned of their brand and yearns greatly for what’s next in your storytelling.
I’m someone who have lived for quite a lot of people in my life (ironically, some of them aren’t even in my life; I realized I was the one thinking they were all the while)…
My point. . .
Today is not about reflecting on the pains, the break, the setback, the pause, the platforms that pulled a plug on the opportunity I had or the ones that left my space opened till I was ready to be back; today is not about telling you how tired and exhausted I was and can be sometimes; neither is it about telling you how unwilling I am to live for anyone right now other than God, myself and the ones I strongly feel in my spirit He has wrapped my story around for their leap.
Today is about telling you that come second Monday in April, I’ll be bringing the series back from where it stopped and other new series afterwards.
I’ll also make it into an eBook for free download on okadabooks.
I just want to say a very big thank you to Beatrice Ofowena for the mail she sent to me on 28th February. You’re the reason I’ve decided not to abandon the series anymore and you’re also the reason I decided to log into my naijastories page after two years!!!!
And you know, yesterday, while I was thinking about this post, I had to Google Memoirs of A Repentant Slut/Hooker/Escort and I was shook at the numbers of blog that featured it without my permission sef and yea, they gave me credit!
Dear Beatrice, thank you! You made me do that! And yea, I can’t believe people are actually still reading and are crazy about that series! I used to think it was whack! and one of the reasons I didn’t even want to bring it back was because I was certain no one will be interested again.
Dear Ìbùkúnwrites, I know you’re never thinking anything whatsoever that comes from you is whack ever again!!!!!
You’re a star baby girl! ?
A very big thank you to all of my readers and followers from the very first day of Episode 1
God bless y’all! And just in case you’re wondering what this series thing is, check here Memoirs of A Repentant Hooker
Do have a beautiful week! ?
Ìbùkúnwrites ❣

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. ~ Isaiah 43:19 NLT

8 thoughts on “Hey! I’m Bringing ‘HIT’ back”

  1. You go girl!!! The Sky is your starting point. Even the Devil cannot remove the sky because God is in control of it. We are glued to our sofa (s) with our room temperature water beside us in our glasses!!!

  2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you this – actually, I’m darn sure I haven’t – the depth of your writings knock my sock off every single time. I greatly admire and respect you for that.
    And, 28th of February? Weren’t we together in Badore at that time? Was this the conclusion you spent the night of the coffee coming to?

    1. Awwwwnnn Tolu!!! ?? thank you!!!!! You just had my cheeks turning pink. . . but can you be this sweet everyday??
      ???? Tolu! See casting ó! Ehn Ehn, pẹ̀lẹ́ ó, remind me! You just had to let the world know we were together on that particular day àbí! Including time n place???. . . Clap for yourself o ??… talking about coffee like you can stand it! ??

  3. Awwwwnnn Tolu!!! ?? thank you!!!!! You just had my cheeks turning pink. . . but can you be this sweet everyday??
    ???? Tolu! See casting ó! Ehn Ehn, pẹ̀lẹ́ ó, remind me! You just had to let the world know we were together on that particular day àbí! Including time n place???. . . Clap for yourself o ??… talking about coffee like you can stand it! ??

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