Hi guys! Welcome to my About corner. This is where I definitely get to tell you more than my about me shows each time you read a new post on this blog.

A quick run. . . who is Ibukunwrites?

Let’s just say Ibukunwrites is a girl with many names. For starters, she’s also known as Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi. She’s an ambivert (it means, she’s a mix of both the introvert and extrovert personalities and I hope you can guess which is more dominant or recessive. I think it depends on the mood, environment and situations sha). Furthermore, she’s a Writer obviously, that’s why you are here and she’s into a couple of writings like Content Creating and Writing, Creative and Non-Creative Writings (fiction, poetry and non-fiction), Screen Writing , Ghostwriting, Freelancing and Podcasting. She’s inspired by so many things around her from little conversations to verbal engagements, arguments, nature, experiences (both personal and non-personal), someone else’s opinion, saloon moments, self-conversation moments and so on. She also muses on so many things of which the society is number one on the list.

Most importantly, Ibukunwrites enjoys so many things outside writing and reading like solitariness, travelings, music, historical places, beautiful sights, movies and much more you’ll discover with time on this blog. Outside being a Writer, she’s also a Teacher, a fun baker and an amazing cook who is very passionate about women, children, family, parenting, abuse, mental health and emotional related causes; most of which she tries bringing to life in her writings. She’s very simple, witty and resilient and she hopes to have her own talk show one day!

Okay, hold up!

Let’s just say, I’m Ibukunwrites and I like to consider myself a very deep person (yea, I’m kinda done with the she thing). and I think that’s one thing a lot of people had come to realise about me without me having to say it and I actually do find that stupefying; like you can just read a piece and automatically get a glimpse into the personality and life of the writer – it’s amazing.

I think I just have a thing for depth and basically, it’s something that comes for me naturally and I think I have my journey to thank for that especially when it has sort of become something I would have to live with for the rest of my life and sometimes, it’s not as enticing as it seems.

Anyway, this Writing Lounge is a niche I have carved for myself overtime This space is a journey that wasn’t hitch and glitch free yet, I managed to sail the ship this far with God’s grace.

So, this is where I share my most radical, unconventional, innate, crazy and weird thoughts, standpoints and opinions on basically all things lifestyle (feminism, religion, gender, education, family, struggles, social issues and more) with you. I am also going to let you into my life journey, daily and life experiences, struggles and victories bits by bits and I’d also be commenting on my favourite things from music to movies to literature to art and above all, faith!

Basically, I am going to be sharing and learning from y’all. This promises to be fun and redefining. I just hope my definition of fun meets yours.

Dang! This is some epic long cool stuff. . . lol

Anyways, you can roll with me and we can create something magical in friendship by contacting me via these email addresses; officialego21@gmail.com and ibukunwrites@gmail.com

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Hugs and Kisses. . . Love and Light!

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