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becoming the woman you need to be won’t come easy but damn girl! it’s worth everything you’d have to lose. – Ibukunwrites.

My name is Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi. A lot of people call me Ibukunwrites or Ibukun and I’m fine with both because both are my names. I am a Feminist, Content Creator, Creative Writer and a Freelancer.

Growing through life, I realised nothing is as simple as it is told or presented and sometimes, to unravel simplicity and what it means to you, you have to go through complexities, do a lot of dismantling, letting go, learning, unlearning and relearning. And in doing that, you need to unapologetically tell the truth and own it; your truth.

But then, telling the truth is never easy. It is one of the things we do afraid most times; one of the things we are most reluctant to do because we are constantly bullied by the society into believing that there is only a kind of truth that is acceptable. Still, truth doesn’t have to make the world comfortable to be told. For without our truth, there is no slightest chance of becoming.

As someone who has always thought herself different, weird and has failed countlessly at trying to fit in by trying to tone down her voice and be unaccepting of self and finally, coming to terms with it, I’m drawn to journeys and sharing my most radical and unconventional thoughts on basically all things life and lifestyle through art and vulnerability.

I am passionate about the woman. I want to help her become the best of herself albeit the challenges, pain, trauma, societal limitations, etc. trying to stop that. I am interested in helping people through whatever journeys life had given them because, on the journey to becoming, you’ll lose yourself to find again, you’ll doubt yourself to believe again, wars will be lost and won, lots of trials and errors; you’ll fail and try again and you don’t even know how many times you’d have to do these over and over again before you finally become.

All these are why I know that one is not created to barely exist but to live purposefully and to the fullest. And in order to successfully go through life and its phases, there are essentials we need but sometimes lack and have no choice but to give ourselves – hope, strength, self-belief, resilience, etc.

As someone still finding her feet and on the road to becoming, I have realised that there is a kind of beauty in lending a hand. There is a purpose in being a light. There is a kind of joy in sharing, growing and becoming together.

All these and more are reasons I started this newsletter and revived this space.

Some of my favourite things (in no particular order) outside writing are

  • listening to podcasts
  • great conversations
  • reading memoirs and fictive works
  • good music
  • great food
  • smoothies
  • dancing to something and nothing
  • a cup of well-brewed coffee

Let me get to know you. Share yours!

Love, light & joy,



Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi is a Content Creator, Creative Writer and a Freelancer from Nigeria, popularly known as Ibukunwrites. Although she writes for the woman, her works, which explore everything female, life, art, lifestyle and lots more have been found to be beneficial to the man too.

Ibukunwrites is a Contributor for African Freelancers and she has a column on Glance Magazine Nigeria where she writes women and shares her truth.

She is the author of Creeping Voices; a collection of poems about pain, losing and finding self. Her works have been featured on quite a number of digital and non-digital platforms of repute.

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