Journeying life, my one goal has been to live every day, creating contents that shape, build, inspire and develop.

My personal services include;

Content Creation/Content Writing (for both digital and non-digital platforms/offline and online-based brands) – I love creating original, impressive and the very best of contents to help build brands, achieve their aim and set goals and most importantly, help serve the needs of others.

Screenwriting/Scripting/Storytelling – As a storyteller, I am tirelessly drawn towards motion picture, telling the difficult stories and writing about the things we don’t like to talk about. I believe, what makes a good plot/good story beyond the directing and acting is really the scripting/writing – the use of language, the depth and richness of the dialogue and the deployment of words. As a Creative Writer with some experiences in Screenwriting, I am very interested in helping you bring that story/documentary to life. I want to help you tell it the way it needs to be told.

Freelance work opportunities – As an experienced African Freelancer in both content writing and creative writing, I am very open to working with both online and offline brands/platforms/people in providing writing services that include guest blogging, feature articles, web contents, essays, proposals, research writing, editing, proofreading, etc.

Reviews – Are you an Author? Recently published a book (poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction)? Do you want to market your book and make it reach a wider audience of potential buyers/readers? Or are you a filmmaker? Recently released a movie/movie trailer for a new film you’re soon to release? Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you own a restaurant? A product you want people to know more about or more? Send me a message, let’s work together.

Movie Subtitling/Transcriptions – Are you a filmmaker/movie producer? Do you need an error-free and efficiently done subtitling of your production? (Yoruba to English preferably), kindly employ my services. Also, I take on Audio/Video to Text transcription services.

Teaching – As someone who is very passionate about getting and impacting knowledge with the intention of making a difference and helping people become the very best version of themselves, I am open to using my academic and writing experiences to teach Creative Writing at Schools, Workshops, Seminars, etc.

Blog/Blogger Services

Product/Service ReviewsIbukun’s Writing Lounge offers excellent and honest reviews on a vast range of products and services that includes but not restricted to literary productions (e.g. books of all genres/types), film and musical productions, bookstores, culinary/food brands, beauty and hair, fashion, etc. We can help you promote your brands by sending us your products/event invites in exchange for an honest review and publicity.

Collaborations – Are you a Writer/Photographer/Creative? Do you need a space/platform to showcase your writings/art? Or are you a brand owner (blogger, beauty & hair brand, etc.) and would love to collaborate? Well then, Ibukun’s Writing Lounge is interested in mutually beneficial collaborative features too (e.g. Giveaways, etc.)

Events – Are you into art exhibitions, poetry events, stage plays, cinema time, tours/trips within and outside Nigeria, restaurants/restaurant openings? Would you like us to attend? For fun or for reviews? Well then, we got you! We love such events! You can send an invite! Lets talk about it.