Sarah Kay's 'The Type': A Poem for the Woman

Halllllowwww fabulous readers! Welcome to the weekend and y’all know what the weekend is all about! Reviews! I’ve been away for some time and first, I have to thank the terrible Glo Network for that and in fact, I have decided that after this sub finishes, no more Glo! Where’s the pride when the network slows …

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Non-Christian Literatures Reviews

Deborah Akingboye's 'FADING AWAY': A Tale of Abuse, Love and Betrayal

Hello Ibukunwrites lovers! Happy Weekend. . . or let me just say Happy New Week already because it’s Sunday in a bit.  Reviews are the perfect way to launch into the new week. Why is that? Why is because it helps you in itemizing what you need to spend your money on during the week …

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