memoirs of a repentant slut Series

Memoirs of A Repentant Hoooker -Episode 4

I remembered clearly the ‘first’ time I met Jide, it was through Sola, a friend who has a crush on me. Yea! That’s if attraction is the same thing as a crush but who cares for fairies and wishes? I’m for real in Flavour’s voice. Dreams,
crushes and wishes when it comes to girl/boy matters are better left for the teens. I’m a grown ass woman; yea right! God bless Black American films.
The first time and countless times I ever met Jide was not as significant as the first day I met him. The first time a woman meets a man is distinctively different from the first day she meets him. I can’t remember that distinctive
moment without remembering Sola.
Sola is a handsome young man, unreserved, very agile, ambitious and a volatile film person. He was a senior by
two years in the university, can’t remember how we met; guess it’s not that distinctive but I know we became close at a point. He’s got good profile for every dream man but I really just couldn’t date him. He’s controlling, domineering and manipulative and I think, he has less control over the pendulum in-between his thighs. Sola could be funny even though he makes dry jokes. He has a girlfriend but lies
about having one but I never hesitated to throw his lies into his face. He’s a trying liar but he definitely lies to the wrong person. . . I’m a female Carl Lightman but natural as Torres. I watch too much films right?
Sola and I were close until the day he crossed a huge line.
“Seriously, how many times do we have to discuss this? Put your attraction for me under check. All I want for you is to be a good friend and if you don’t want to, the door is as good as wide but kissing or shacking up with a man I’m not dating or seeing is a no-no for me.” I stressed with my voice at the highest pitch. Who says hookers don’t have
standards? Maybe those by the road sides.
“I like you, I’m attracted to you, I love you, I want to date you but we really can’t make it public till I’m sure we are
taking this serious.” Sola said.
Lest I forget, Sola enjoys being treated like a baby and you know the worst part, you have to be a strong woman like I am not to fall for his deceptive bedroom voice. Guys do have bedroom voices too you know and when a guy is using that on you, he’s either trying to calm you down for real or trying to get that big bro into that tiny hole. Very manipulative voice! From experience but that’s a red light sweetheart. I deserve better than secrecy but really, do I have to scream into this guy’s ears that I am not willing to go down that road with him not to talk of dating on a low-key?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“So how have you been?”
Jide’s succulent voice brought my body and soul back to life. If there is anything I love about him, it’s the way he picks his words and the voice lighting up and turning up the air-condition of my body. Jide definitely knows how to make a woman let her guards down.
“I’ve been great. And you?”
“Obviously doing awesome my dear.”
I saw his eyes flash through my cleavage. I remembered how he used to love ‘them’ boobs. He obviously still has a crush on those wonderful works of Jah. I chuckled.
“What’s what?” I stressed back with my eyes graciously focused on him.
“Seriously what?”
“Really, you want to the what thing? Stop doing that!” I screamed sexily.
Having a woman screamed sexily is one of the greatest enthusiasm guys feel. The more he tries to hide it, the more his eyes increasingly gave him away.
“Stop doing what?” Jide said but this time, more daring as he pouts his face into mine. It’s been a while you know. . .
Jide kept his face into mine for like five minutes and who knows how much he would have stayed till a petrol tanker flashed its red lights and that crazy sound the horn always make.
“You might want to keep your eyes more on the road you know!” I winked at him and he readjusted.
“Hmmmm, never mind me, you always intrigued me anytime. Those eyes, those legs, that face, that brain, that woman! Seriously, what went wrong between us?”
“Exactly what I need you to stop! You flirting with me Jide, not nice!”
“And you enjoying every bit!”
Now I couldn’t hold my laughter. He caught me, I was really enjoying it. I love it when a guy flirts with me especially an ex! It’s not only me I guess. Most ladies like it! When an ex
can hide the fact that he still got dibs for you, it makes your head wanna pop but really, you don’t wanna go down that road!
Wild thoughts began to run through my mind! Hmmmm, bad girl! The worst thing that could ever happen in this SUV right now is to have that awesome experience! Well, yeah!
Amaka told me about having a sexual affair with an ex and how awesome it always feels shacking up with an ex. Many strings attached, less emotions involved! I want to try it some day. I love to try new things you know!
“So where are you off to?” Jide asked, breaking the silence!
“Well, I’m travelling.”
“And why should I tell you?”
“Because I know you really do wanna tell me right now.”
“And why would I want to do that?”
“Well for many reasons like you in my car right now and I need to know where you going.”
“Hmmmmm” I sighed out licking my lips.
“What?” he said, smiling.
“212 Men!”
Now he couldn’t contain the excitement; he chuckled! “You still remember that?”
“Yeah. And I can smell that too!”
“Wow! You intriguing the more!”
“When will you ever change that cologne?”
“Will I ever?. . .”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Leave me alone! You hurting me!”
I was screaming loud, hitting him and was sobbing but he never gave a damn.
I remembered the day Sola molested me. He never slept with me but he rumpled with my body. I remembered
getting tired of hitting him that I just laid there at a point and allowed him have his way till he gets tired if he ever does!
We just finished sharing a nice meal of roasted plantain popularly referred to as boli and groundnut and a bottle of coke and I guessed he mixed his with an half bottle of ‘Osomo’. I got busy surfing the net and Sola began getting cozy with his mouth to my ears like a dog licking another dog’s ear wound. I told him to stop; he did and later on
continued and this time, he was like a beast. Like I’ve never seen him before.
He was voraciously eating my ears like a dessert; his hands on my breasts; then his mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore! I screamed silently sobbing.
He stopped and went silent like a molester acting sober. I took my bag to take my leave.
“I’m really sorry. I’m not like this. I have just missed you.”
I was silent. It felt stupid hearing a guy I was never having an affair with talking about missing me like as if we’ve been sleeping with each other or touring with each other’s bodies. Some guys are beasts and it so sad have met more beasts in a lifetime.
“At least if you must leave, can you wait while I get you something to comb your hair?”
I wasn’t angry, in fact, I couldn’t feel anything whether annoyance, hate or anger. The truth is, a guy who can harass or molest, can rape and hell be let loosed if someone ever claims this guy can’t rape!
He went in with my bag as a security measure for me not leaving by the time he returns. I took the brush, ran it through my weave, he continued to apologize till I made my leave.
He called my phone endlessly, sending texts but who cares for an apology over a cloth that has been rumpled afterall
there’s no light to iron it. I can only wish he becomes a better person and learned to be faithful to his girlfriend.
How I wished he had tried it with Amaka, he’d have been in the ‘market’ by now. Mad girl!
All things being said, no grudges or unforgiveness harboured but that was the last day I was going to speak to

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