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Be Grateful for the 'Seemingly Nothings'

Happy New Month my sweet sweet readers! Welcome to the Month of Christmas! December! Yay! I’m super excited to welcome you all into the first day in the last month of the year. May this never be the last for you all in Jesus Name (Amen).
I had lots of posts outlined for this week; they are more like carry-overs from last week though. I had plans to do more than one post last week but fortunately, I travelled; one of the longest journeys I have made so far. I left on Tuesday and got back home on Saturday evening; very late though and throughout my stay, there was really no light for me to charge my phone so I had to deal with carry-over posts.
Anyways, it’s the last month of the year and really, you should be grateful for something. . . At times, we want to feel as if something good hasn’t really happened to us because we can’t pinpoint an happenstance of something extraordinary in a journey of twelve months but really, I’ve come to learn that our seemingly ‘nothings’ are the real things we should be thankful for.
Are you grateful for your seemingly nothings? They are the petty things we tend to overlook.
For instance, last week before I travelled, my Dad and I were going out and he wanted to go off the generator so I gave him my phone so he could make use of the torch when coming back. So immediately the generator went off and I got out of the house, I tried locking the side gate and then for like five minutes, I couldn’t fit the padlock into the locking space and then my dad came through with the light and it didn’t take me a minute to fit the padlock in and lock the door.
The point is; the message/lesson in that seemingly minute incident didn’t occur to me until the next day. Although the incident kinda bring back a past memory but then I realized how much I have been ungrateful to God about the ‘little’ things.
Do you know that most times, we become overly convenient in the good things of life that we enjoy in our finances, health, academics, relationship and all that we forget it’s not totally ‘a right’ but much of a privilege. . . And then just because we’ve been seeking the face of God for something and He’s yet to give it/them to us or we’ve been through so many challenging moments that almost suffocated us but didn’t; then we’d feel like there’s nothing to be thankful for.
I’m starting to acknowledge my year of thanks as this year 2015 comes to an end; I have realized how much more some people will give anything just to be able to see. . . trust me, being blind is not a good experience but some people are and they are grateful to God for the challenge!. . . Are you thankful for your physical abilities?
I’m grateful for my blemished legs cos some people don’t even have any or some just have one but I have two, you have two and you just want to kill yourself because it’s not hot, or it is k-leg, or it is bow leg. . .  Don’t let the media kill you; don’t get so lost in vanity that you forget to be grateful.
Be grateful for your imperfections! For those things you really don’t like so much about yourself. . . I don’t know why we do that to ourselves at times; hating on ourselves; feeling like we are low just because we don’t look like the perfect Alice in a wonderland! Those things are beautiful but they don’t define you! Everything He created was beautiful and that includes YOU and I!
I’ve learnt so much in this year! I am grateful for so much. I’ve watched people soar so much in strength; people breaking boundaries; people refusing to be drawn back by their limitations; people fighting that situation and health challenges and that and more is the spirit of thanks.
I am thankful for the ‘seemingly-nothings’. I’m grateful for my family, I’m grateful for the good people I’ve met this year, for the new friendships I have made; for the great people in my life I can’t begin to mention names, I am grateful for every challenge that tried to break me, I am grateful for my sight, for my brain, for my hair, for my body, for healing in the needed places, blessings of all forms, in fact, I am grateful for everything I tried to change about me but God wouldn’t approve. I am grateful for every minute I was down cos I wasn’t forever down, I’m grateful for journey mercies, I’m grateful for my academics, grateful for the hard times I went through this year, grateful for my loss and my gains, grateful for my roughly six months of post-op – it hasn’t really been an easy journey but God has been faithful; for every calm I felt in the middle of an heightened storm; grateful for spiritual growth cos I did grow better than I was at the beginning of the year. . . I am grateful for open doors and opportunities as well as the closed doors, I am grateful for the highs and lows, the uplift I have witnessed that it felt like nothing but was more than something, grateful for increase on every sides, grateful for the gift of inhaling and exhaling. . . In fact, I am not ungrateful for anything.
I am grateful for all of my PROCESSES; I don’t know the end-ride but I know they are not without course!
Be grateful for everything cos nothing you ever been through is a waste!. . . You have to be grateful for something if not many things!. . . What are you grateful for?
Happy New Month! May your December be forever blessed!
Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. . . 1 Thess. 5:18

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