Post-Convocation + Etisalat 2015 Flash Fiction


My Convocation Look; Pic by: Alabi Tabitha

Bonjour mes amies. . . Yea! It’s a Frenchman style this morning. . . I’m sure y’all have been awesomely great. . . I missed y’all, being here and writing altogether.
So last week, I couldn’t do more than a post because I travelled! Yea. . . I bagged my B. A. Degree in English Language last week Thursday from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State. . . I left on Tuesday, Glo network in the area where I stayed was awful and I just got back yesterday evening. It wasn’t easy but God was there each step of the way of the academic journey. . . So yes, I’m officially a Graduate and an Alumnus of one the best Universities in Nigeria and Africa *hehehehehe Great Ife! we too like priding*

Messing around : Pic by: Alabi Tabitha

I wish I could say more right now on this other than sharing my joy, achievement and victory with you – my amazing readers but I will when the time is right and very appropriate but God was faithful throughout this particular phase of my life and I’m grateful that after this ride, I have come to appreciate myself better, give credits to the God in me, myself and the purpose in me!. . . Our lives isn’t situational that we end up being a circumstance of coincidences but God is ever faithful, ever sure, ever prompt, ever precise and He knows what He is doing and plans to achieve with your life.

Pic by: Falodun Henry

I am not a mistake and same applies to you! God entrusts His abilities and deposits in our lives cos He finds us capable to deliver and worthy enough to be His mouthpiece. . . You are God’s original plan and so does everything that has to do with you! – your experiences, challenges, breakthroughs, they are all part of the plan.
Be grateful for the rivers that you have crossed cos there are still many more to! And if He brings you to it, He’d take you through it!
And I wanna say a big thank you to those who voted my story ‘Nne’ for the Etisalat 2015 Flash Fiction Competition. I sought your votes when it was time and you deserve to know how it went.
I got 162 votes in all and it was not enough to make the shortlist but it was a great opportunity for me in this year that’s running out and a great show of love from you that I have y’all to count on for support. . . There’s always gonna be a next time and I’d always gonna call on you!
I love you all! Thanks for voting, thanks for reading, thanks for being stuck on here and thanks for being a part of my life.
Enjoy my other convocation pictures below!. . . don’t forget to always comment, I look forward to them every time but I don’t get them every time *sad* y’all should change o! Ehn ehn! Hehehehehehe.
Academic Gown Pictures by – Falodun Henry


  1. literati93

    December 16, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    Mubarako Ebukun Gbemisola. May your life continue to be an addition of good things given by your creator. Once again, congratulations!

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