6 Things I learnt About Blogging This Year!

Hello Blogosphere fam! Hope we are all coping with the Harmattan the best way we know how. . . I am but it still looks like the harmattan is winning especially when you have a dry skin like mine.
So I decided to do this post on 6 Things I learnt About Blogging This Year in lieu of 2015 that is coming to an end.
I’ve learnt quite a lot which includes;
1. Dedication/Consistency: Consistency is key as a blogger. If you are not consistent, people won’t take you serious and you owe it to your readers to be consistent. . . I need a lot of improvement as regards that next year cos while I was away, I tried imagining how it would feel when someone typed in my url and then there’s nothing new to read; not once not twice and all. . . You need to be consistent cos you can never be over-consistent. . . If you are dedicated, you would be consistent.
2. Don’t rush/Don’t fret: Don’t try to rush it or fret! Take your time to write. . . Don’t overspread your tentacles. Stay put to the ‘about’ of your blog even as you try to explore. . . Jack of all trades is good but not always!
3. Let the passion drive you and not the commission/renumeration –  Don’t give up! There’s a reason why you started in the first place. If it’s not a good reason enough, you gonna give up while you started but if the reason is good enough, let the passion drive you, don’t be so bothered about the commission you wanna get like other bloggers or the one you are not getting that blogging is not just it for you anymore. . . Let’s just say, the reason why you started is important!
4. Look less at that Statistics table  – Thank God for WordPress; there are themes that makes your viewing audience statistics visible and apart from that you can always view your statistics on your dashboard. So check it less or better still don’t check at all. If checking it has become your hobby, you’d just kill yourself *hehehehehe*. . . The truth is, it grows in time and with time, if you let it bother you, it will hamper and kill your morale. Trust me, someone out there and so many people out there are reading your blog. You don’t even know what it is you do for them with each post you write for them to read. It is definitely meant to expand and not stagnant. It will grow in time and with time. Do your best to give it publicity and let it be! The growth will come.
5. Connect with other bloggers/Writers: Read other blogs and leave nice comments. Everyone loves receiving comments and ‘likes’ on their blog. And if you enjoyed another blogger’s post – share it! Tweet it! Whatever – spread the love and you may find that they will reciprocate. Oh and if someone leaves you a comment, be sure to reply to it.
6. Be Original and don’t be competitive – Life is good and peaceful; be original. . . no stealing of posts of any kind. Draw your resources from self and experiences around you. When you stick to the passion behind why you started in the first place, being original will come naturally. . . And No one is competing with you and neither are you competing with anybody. Blogging is live and let’s live. Do your thing and let other people do theirs! No one is going to steal your audience *hahahahahahaha* I don’t even know what to write on this one but all I sha know is that blogging is not a competitive industry *it’s an industry already o* and even if it has become one, you don’t have to compete with anyone; just do your thing and BE ORIGINAL!
That’s all!
Xoxo . . . Till I come your way again!

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