The Stench of Hypocrisy

Dear Doe,
I hate the smell. . . the side talks. . . the weird looks, the ambiguous comments, the silence, the eye service. . . I hate so many things.
I hate the stares that makes one feel crappy. The silent whispers that makes you paranoid. The unfounded gossips that travels at the speed of light. I hate the guts of people who can’t keep it together but think they are better off because they love the comfort of the façade.
Sometimes, it is not a façade. Sometimes, it’s art. Some people are so good at choking their emotions that it becomes a blessing to them. And some, they are not psychopaths, they just can’t feel anything.
I am proud of my emotions. It’s a beautiful gift that I never want to know how to choke. I love the fact that it is so beautiful that I can give it a voice. I am learning to manage it and I sure don’t want to learn at anyone’s speed but my speed.
I don’t want to train my emotions not to cry. I don’t want to tame it not to smile. I don’t want to stereotype my emotions. I want to love every bit of it till it’s perfected.
Life has taught me that people who see wrongs in others are not so ignorant of the wrongs in theirs but are more convenient to justify it! Their wrongs is just like a tree; we don’t care what watered it to growth, we care more about the beautiful fruit on the tree and then we care less about whatever the tree had fed on to grow. Isn’t it beautiful? Only if we can do that with everyone!
Don’t try to force people’s affection and love! You are beautiful and amazing. When people don’t like you, don’t try to correct their notion about you. Don’t try to make them like you. Sometimes, we make things worse when we are only trying to do good.
Keep your peace! Don’t let irrelevances choke you! It’s funny how people who were never even close to you one bit develop a notion about you based on someone’s interpretation. It’s like a piece of art! You might have an opinion, but you can never be as right as the artist!
It’s distasteful how some people say, ‘I don’t like him. . . I don’t like her. . . I just don’t know why!’ well, that shouldn’t be your problem Dear Doe.
I remember an online friend who never says hi even in 365 days but he’s so amazing at deciphering my posts
That you’re not so good at giving your emotions voices doesn’t make you better than I am. That you think your one sentence post doesn’t say it all when it actually did doesn’t make it any better than my long posts full of witty sayings.
When you write a lot, people tend to read meanings into everything you write. They turn it into a prose then they begin to look for the theme, subject matter, diction and imagery. . . Let this going year roll away the heaviness of your heart, let it roll away the vacuums in your life, let it roll away the ones who serves you no purpose. . .
Let it be your year of Rest!


  1. Dee.

    May 1, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    So beautiful
    You are such an amazing writer and you have a voice.
    Loved this

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      May 1, 2017 at 2:35 pm

      Awwnn thanks Derin!!! I appreciate it! I hope I recognise and utilize that voice well.

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