Ramblings: The Bigger Picture

Hi guys. Happy new week. . . I’ve been thinking a lot lately and no it’s not the kind of thoughts that makes your body shrink and sends you from team mopping stick to team broom stick. . . it’s the kind of thoughts that makes you wanna be better as you and for yours!. . .  I thought quite undisputable is the fact that encouragement is a good thing, the fact that you have people to encourage your creativity as family or as readers and supporters in different kinds of ways is amazing but at times, God, your gift and your self is the only thing you have to keep the dream alive. . . Right now, I’m tapping the keypads of my phone with a different think to talk on but now i just feel like saying in writing; definitely not as a way of keeping to my promise of posting daily but because I had a deep urge to write! . . . I felt compelled.
If I could go back in time just to remember how it started; me choosing to study what I studied and me scaling through to get nearer to and in preparation for career, oh boy! I’d have a lot to say. . . At times, according to Cobham’s lyrics, you are the only hope keeping hope alive. . . Many people started blogging for so many reasons, I’ve worked and invested my writings in a couple of blogs before deciding to have mine, I never thought I’d have a blog but now I do and I never thought someone would read it cos I’m not so good when it comes to sharing and publicity stuff; I do my best and I move on to the next!
The point of this rambling is that, at times, detours don’t always have to be ugly. . . you could be so entangled and have your tentacles spread into different things not like leaving your 1 to develop your 6 like Joyce Meyer said, I mean doing so many things that has a lot to do with a particular field but all of those things is in preparation for the bigger picture. . . Oh! At times, detours become ugly but there is a use for them!
I look at me at times and I say girl, you so young but you do have a lot to share, you do have many things in those detours of yours generations would benefit from only if you don’t wait on encouragement all the time. . . you know that song, sometimes you have to encourage yourself!
You’ve got to know what it feels like to depend on people’s encouragement and show of love to realise it’s really nothing if you don’t give it to yourself first! My imaginations right now eludes me cos there was a time I never thought I could be here, like here in a good place, watching purpose unfolds, seeing myself planning and making attempts at bigger things you know. . . facing my fear and trusting God through it!
I’ve come to realise it’s never about the likes, the comments, the shares, the follows, I know how to be insecure in your gift only to depend on people to validate and define it for you! . . . I’m just saying you’ve gat to do what you’ve gat to do even if no one is a fan, even if you have no audience, even if it goes from rising to falling, you’ve got to do it for you and not for them! When you do it for you and for God that places the you in you, them is just gonna fall into place without advertisement and of course, He comes first!
I see me doing the thing and fulfilling the dream and the purpose! People don’t have to be comfortable with it, people don’t have to leave ya comments or give you likes, it doesn’t make you useless or unfruitful; the higher it goes, the challenging it becomes! I’m still gonna do my damn thing if I have no one to applaud me through!. . . there are so many shades to me but I have those shades for one bigger purpose! I might as well turned a Motivational Speaker, yea, I can handle it! 
Pride yourself in your abilities in God! Be grateful that you can do what you do even if no one supports! You’re badass and don’t let human loneliness puts you off!
I love you all! See ya tomorrow with the dragging episodes of my series, I still have to complete even though I know what it feels like to loose interest in something draggy! Got so many plans for 2016!
“Be your number one fan! People’s encouragements mean nothing if you don’t support your own dream.” ~ Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

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