OLAJUMOKE: A Story of Grace, Favour and Destiny Walk!

Yes, yesterday was quite a stand still for Ty Bello and the amazing story of Olajumoke; a 27 years old mother of two whom everyone at first thought was a model but only happened to walk into Ty Bello’s photo shoot.
Two weeks ago, the picture of a Bread hawker in a Ty Bello photo shoot hits the internet; yes when I mean hits the internet, she posted it on her Instagram page and it went viral, trust Nigeria! Everyone was commenting on how beautiful the shot was, how flawless the model rocked the bread and balanced it blah blah blah; then Ty Bello explained and then we realized she wasn’t a model; she was just some hawker who walked into an ongoing photo shoot; neither did we know she was about to be not just some hawker anymore.
So, I stuck to the story Ty having decided to find our golden girl who looked like a model and yes she did! I watched the video of her explaining how she wore the same dress in that shoot one day and someone said, her picture was seen on internet and Ty was looking for her. . . And oh! She said all of that in Yoruba! She doesn’t speak English. . . but she writes and speaks Yoruba well!
And yesterday! She broke the internet!!!!! Olajumoke broke the internet without nudity! Her story touched and melted hearts! She looked refreshed, rebranded and changed by the hands of grace! She was flawless as she royally graced the cover of This Day Style Magazine. . . That could only be grace!!!! And oh! I forgot to mention she trended on twitter too!!! Everyone was praying and using her story as a point of contact. . . Ty went on to share her story; how she and her second child had to leave her husband and her first child in Osun State for greener pastures in Lagos for a bread selling business opening and she was doing her daily job that feeds her, clothes her and roofed her with just a gain of N300 to N700 when she gracefully walked into the Ty shoot that changed her story forever!!!!!
How do you explain that? I cried watching every video Ty Bello posted yesterday. . . I literally spent my time watching and re-watching them again yesterday! I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t hide it; if it was possible to repost all the videos, I could but there was a message in it! A message for everyone which possibly might differ from one another but I got mine!
It wasn’t enough that the story melted our hearts! Many people said she walked into the right place at the right time! I think they are right but I don’t see it that way. . . I think it wasn’t her legs that took her there, I think it was a divine arrangement long long orchestrated by God!!!! If it wasn’t, she could have walked there and nothing would happen afterwards but God predestined it!!! It was time. . . You don’t hear this kind of story every day, and no, they are not rare or scarce but when they come, God is a stunner! He doesn’t do petty things! He does them heavy! That’s what Yoruba is trying to say when they call Him ‘Olodumare’.
I was totally and renewably mesmerized by the awesomeness of God! Her story is not one I would forget in years to come. . . Hers is a story of Grace! That only Grace could have done it! Only God could have done it! That God is not dead!!!!!!! That when God wants to deal with you that’s what it looks like!!!! Leaving mouths open and positive prayer points of different sizes and magnitudes emanating from your story!
Yesterday, my faith was renewed; my belief in every of God’s word was foregrounded and I knew more than I ever did before that indeed God is He who makes the poor, the low and the ‘undeserving’ to dine with the kings and the mighty men in wealthy places. . . Jumoke is no longer the bread hawker we first met, she is now a model with plenty open doors and opportunities. . . Every of her needs was divinely met including that of her children!!!! And yes, when Grace is in action, it causes every other thing to work for you! People will drop things to attend to you; favour will speak and yes, that is lines falling in pleasant places!!!!!!
Jumoke had her first pay as a model in that shoot and trust me, it wasn’t going to be a meagre pay!!!!! She was valued as other high rated models out there. . . She got hands seeking for her!!!!
I should stop but not without lauding the efforts of Ty Bello! She saw it; made it an assignment to find the lady; she did and God used her to change her story! She allowed herself to be used and every hands that came on deck; from Bimpe Onakoya who did the face beat without a dime!!!! And every other person. . . God bless them all. Humanity is really not dead and yes, this is part of what Cobhams meant when he said we should be the hope keeping hope alive.
It’s a challenge for everyone! In Ty Bello’s words; “Jumoke is blessed. . . Who walks into a shoot like that?. . . Do for one what you would have loved to do for many.”
I’d round up with my friend, George Omoike’s words; “When God spots you out, nothing can stop it! It’s a reward of faithfulness in little; she could have chosen prostitution but she didn’t; God has depths! And only Him can make it happen!!!!!”
I’d leave episode 24 of my series till tomorrow!!! Have this to digest on!
I love y’all plenty! Have a blessed week! Don’t stop believing! Don’t stop doing your quota! Watch God finish the paperwork!
Xoxo. . . Ibukunwrites.
“When God has spotted you out, nothing can stop it. . .” George Omoike.


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    “The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” Proverbs 20:24 (NLT)
    Indeed, which we could all know and walk in this knowledge. I celebrate God in Olajumoke’s life and story. #God #Grace #Olajumoke #TYBello

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    Wow… Really inspiring. Gods ways are just so amazing. Thanks for sharing

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