From Dorothy with Pain

This is another post inspired by Adichie Babz February Depression series. . . thanks gurl!!!!
For years now, I cried without sounds;
maybe I never wanted my voice
to be heard.
I heard screams from the walls
Anytime I try to feel any other thing
apart from sad and moody,
I subconsciously replay sad moments
to make me feel better. . .
Sad became positive energy
and happy; a bad vibe. . .
I knew what I had
but nothing was helping
and they said I might start
hurting myself soon
So, I went over the counter. . .
Adaku said it’d make me feel good
and it did only for some time
So I tried not to miss my dose. . .
Every time I walk the street,
Adaku screams about the latest
‘feel good’ in the market
but I was fading
and my colours were becoming dull.
My name is Dorothy
I’m surviving on antidepressants
I want to stop
But I don’t know how!

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