To Ada Mma; the mother of two


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Artwork by @tolukarysmar

Dear Ada mma,
Ada mma the beautiful one;
I couldn’t watch you fade away
like voices and murmurings
I couldn’t watch you make
the same choices over and over
I cried
I mourned
But I couldn’t pay eulogies
I wish I could write you
an Ode
But not until you earn it!
Guilt should torment you,
eat you up!
feed on your soul and body
rip it apart till you choke
and you die!
And your ashes thrown
into the gutter
or your body for the
Please don’t die that way
I love you too much to
watch you suffer even in death
Your choices make me want
to cry,
Your pain makes me hurt
Your perception makes me go
on a hunger-strike. . .
Woe betides you Ada mma
If after this you don’t turn a
new leaf!
Woe betides you Ada mma
if the death of Nnayi Okonta
is not enough guilt to make
you change!
Nnayi Okonta was just 58
Yet your troubles wouldn’t allow
him behold his grandchildren.
You sent him to join his ancestors
earlier than scheduled
Your troubles killed him!
Ada mma!
I forbid you to cause me
more troubles!
I forbid you to act like
a maid but a Princess!
Nna nna gave you a
sweet name
hoping you’d one day
be that princess!
Yes, you were in beauty
but that was all there is
to you!
Nwa ada a meruolam ahu!
Your choices have injured me.
Your choice of men has sent you
hurting everyone!
Have mercy Ada mma
Pity your children
Agbomma bu nwa agboo
Chima is still a young boy too!
Walk away like the princess
that you are!
Let no man treat you like a
slave when you are a born
Ada m acho ukpa onye
na ago agugo ife o melu
Chukwumah beats you yet
he denies it!
And yet you try to justify
what he does but denies!
How more stupid do you
want to be Ada mma?
Ahuru m gi na-anya Ada mma!
Ahuru m gi na-anya nke ukwu!
Ahuru m gi na-anya mgbe nile!
Please don’t die a purposeless death!
“Let no woman stay in a violent marriage. . . Marriage is a great gesture but not a rare gesture!!!” Ibukunwrites.


  1. Adaeze

    February 15, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    Domestic violence! I hate it with perfect hatred.
    However I understand why some women find it hard to leave, they’re hoping it gets better. Humans have an infinite ability to hope for the better.

  2. Duru Adolphus Jnr.

    February 23, 2016 at 6:26 am

    HmmnnN! Now this was some deep read oh! Omo mehn! eeezz not a joking things sam sammmm.. I particularly love how you hold close to heart the Igbo language even though you are not Igbo.. and how you tactfully and aptly throw around very interesting Igbo lines.. Weldone Nnee.. Weldone Nwanyi oma.. and yeah.. This was a beautiful piece mostly because it built up… From Base to peak. Bravo Ibukun mi.
    Domestic Violence is something that should not be allowed or cordoned for any reason whatsoever.. But then nne.. It is pertinent for me to iterate that not only are the men Violent with their Fist.. but the women Violent with their Lips as well.. I for one believe that both should learn to Tame their strengths.
    This was an Apt read… worthy of only of being written by a wise child.. Weldone nne.. Blessings! xx

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