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Ungodly Reasons Why Some Men Date


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Hi guys. . . it’s been a while; been up to so many things lately but not enough to forget I have a blog and a community of readers I’m accountable to but I’ve not been having data and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been able to post and now I kinda have so let’s get to it!
So when I started this blog, all I had in mind definitely wasn’t an entertainment blog or gossips; we’ve had enough of that but I wanted something that had me in it; where I get to express my art, views and opinions on lifestyle matters and faith and I think to an extent I have been able to do that. . . now let’s skip to the part where I never thought guys/relationships will find their way into my talks but one way or the other it has. . .
Well, personally and truthfully, guys are really not my favourite species of the planet but it doesn’t bar me from talking about them or dishing helpful advice’s when I could *of course I can give advice*. . . So God helping me my boys ministry has been flourishing and oh boy! Women eyes dey see o but out of it all, there’s always something to write about so in other words, talking about stuffs as this has come to stay on this blog.
Fast forward to ungodliness. . . I think definitions of certain things are dependent on each person but for me in simple terms, I think ungodliness is everything or anything that goes against the persona of God, His standards, words, reasons for a particular thing, laws, rules, culture etc. Wherefore I think the reasons I’d mention in this post as regards to why some guys/men wanna date a woman or vice versa is ungodly.
Some guys date you because;
You get things done for them – Now this is it, the part where you are attracted to something in a woman is not outrightly wrong but letting that attraction motivate you as the reason why you stayed or you with her is so wrong. So some guys actually date a woman or be in a relationship with a woman because she gets things done for him. He can count on her to deliver at home, work, food wise, sexually and more. What’s gonna happen the day she slacks or forget to do those things? I’m just saying.
You are a good luck charm – Some guys will tell you babe, ever since you’ve been in my life things have changed for my good and hell no, I’m not letting that go or guy, that babe na my good luck charm o! Even if I get one side babe, I no fit play with her o. . . what’s gonna happen the day a challenge pops up? She’s gonna go from goodluck to patience. All things definitely will work together for the good of those that loved the Lord
You are hot and those genes will look good on them babies – this is so self explanatory like she’s beautiful or maybe she’s half Caucasian, half Nigerian or maybe she has the green card Or maybe it won’t be a bad idea you know to have two nationalities and so on.
You are intelligent ~ some guys don’t know their limit or maybe they do they are just trying to test yours. Some guys actually date a woman because of her mind, her brain, its golden, she’s raw, it can fetch me money, I wanna associate with that or because of certain skills they’ve got. I remember someone I used to know, we used to be close but we never dated and sometimes last year, he said something to me, he said the only reason I was interested in the Almighty Ibk was because of her scribbling skills and I didn’t behave as if I was angry but it was almost a compliment you know and that moment, I accepted that this guy actually has no limits!!!
Easy to control and manipulate ~ Some guys wanna date a lady that only nods yes to everything. Oh she doesn’t question me. She says yes to everything. She trusts me. When I ask her to sit down there she does. I know it’s sounding so unbelievable but these things are still damn real in this generation. Some just wanna manipulate and use your weakness against you. . .
You have chemistry ~ One of the key things I learnt last year all thanks to Pastor Toure Roberts is that you can have chemistry with many people as possible; five guys can listen to the same music as you do, love the same brand, movies, actors, designs, etc. it doesn’t mean he’s the one which means you can’t always depend on chemistry for everything . . . it’s just a stage in one of the many stages. Some guys just wanna hook a lady for the benefit of having someone to share topics with when it comes to genres of music, film, writing etc. . .  
You are a good cook – They say the way to a man’s heart is through his belly; well I’d say mans better be careful cos poison is as real as hell. You wanna subject a woman to a lifetime of misery cos she makes the best food? Don’t be surprised if that woman yields to the devil and turn that proverb around #justsaying.
You are homely/innocent – This one is so direct. She’s homely, she’s innocent. . . she’s not spoiled. . . we all sabi all those phrases men dey use.
To level up with peers ~ I tell you this is as real as the second coming of Christ, some guys out of frustration be dating a lady because they are the only ones amidst their peers without a babe!!!! Women shine ya eyes!  
I’d end this post rephrasing Bishop Jakes; he said, one day, that boobs will fall, that ass won’t bounce like they use to, that hips would likely become fat; only love keeps it like they still look they used to be. . . This just made me remember Ed Sheeran’s  Thinking out Loud.
See ya all next week. . . I’m just trying to make common sense *lol* God bless Ben Bruce. . .
Much love and I missed being here; thanks for the love shown in my absence. God bless.
© 2016 Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi


  1. Muhsinat 'Deen

    February 28, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    Lol! that ‘women shine ya eyes!’ bit reminded me of Toke Mackinaw. Nice post gurl!

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      February 28, 2016 at 10:11 pm

      Hehehehehe you’re so right! Toke vlogs. . . thanks love!!!!

  2. debswritesblog

    March 1, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    ???Well said! My eyes are so shining right now.

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