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Tomilola 'Coco' Adeyemo's THE REUNION Review – All Shades of Hot


A mind-blowing sensual tale of  betrayal, seduction, intimidation, money, passion, emotions, love, sex and payback. It’s one hell of romance.

~ Ibukunwrites

Having hit the financial rock bottom, Ibukun Soetan is at the mercy of starting from the scratch and building a mansion from the debris left of her life and in the bid to finding an investor who might be interested in her business proposal, she rekindled a contact with an old classmate from Secondary School days, who is not only interested in investing but has a different way of doing business. 
Swindled of her possessions by her ex, Malik Douglas, sparing her house and a few clothes, Ibukun Soetan had lost her glow until she decided to stop her pity-party and go for a shake off at her Secondary School Alumni Reunion hoping to get a few contacts that might help her bounce back financially.
Luckily and unluckily, she ran into an old classmate of hers who used to crush on her back then but never arrested her gaze, Yemi Edwards; who now happened to be a man of beauty, affluence and influence; he was her answer to unspoken prayers. Only that Yemi Edwards was still very much into Ibukun Soetan and he wants to continue where his emotions left off but Ibukun wasn’t about to have none of that even though he could solve her problems and he was desperate enough to have her without commitments, no matter what.
Did he have her? Did she give in? Was there a twist? You won’t know until you read.
This is a good read. Tomi took us on a wild romance drive. I actually read this book twice; on a cup of chilled garri drink, smoked fish and a well-prepared efo riro only the first time though but not enough to cloud my judgment. I love the start and the finish of this book. The plot is awesome and quite unpredictable to an extent. It’s not your everyday Nollywood plot. I feel like telling it all but would it have been a review if I decide to tell it all?. . .
In short, this is a story well told. It is a story of from rocky to bliss. The description game was 100; characterization game, 100; I love the character name Boobsie. . . dialogue, 100 and the music and celebrity ‘imagery’ (infusion) was lovely; I like that part about Lil Kesh. . . lol. This book is hard to fault. I couldn’t have expected less. Tomilola is a badass storyteller. So far, this is still my best romance of the year. . .
Conclusively, this is a mind blowing sensual tale of betrayal, seduction, intimidation, passion, emotions, money, love, sex and payback. It’s one hell of romance!
Rating – 10. (Yea, it’s that good!)
Outside the review – This book is not for perverts; but you might still wanna renew your mind after reading this one *lmao*
Thank you Tomi for an amazing read!. . . looking forward to another mindbluster.
Get your copy on for zero penny! how generous is that – just search, The Reunion!
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Tomi blogs fiction on Scribespad. She has quite a reputation for slaying storytelling from the days of 360nobs. . . She’s a Screenwriter with lots to her credit, A Feminist and also a coke addict *winks*. . . I wish I knew her more than from afar from the Pit Theatre days but I know her now and that’s all that matters *hehehehe*. . . the handle is @tomilolacoco on IG and @tomilola_coco on Twitter.
Looking forward to y’all’s feedback on this one. . . let me know when you read!
Mwah! Till I come again. . . don’t stop refreshing! And yea, it’s my first official fiction review on the blog. . . watch out for more!!!!!!

Payback is a bitch. . .
© 2016. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi


  1. TheShakaraGirl

    April 15, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Nice review, makes me wanna download Okada book to get this.

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      April 15, 2016 at 9:24 am

      Awwnnn thank you!. . . please do! It’s worth your time. . . thanks for dropping by ma’am


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