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The Gender Equality Bill: Who the law don EPP?


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Okay, I promised this and here you have it. . . Let’s talk about the gender equality bill
Now, it kinda took me this long to talk about this because this post was gonna be kinda long and typing on phone isn’t really sweet but yay! I got a laptop now; although it’s not my dream laptop but it gets the job done and it came on a platter of gold at no cost! So thank you all for bearing with me; thanks to everyone that believed with me on this especially Adaeze, thank you but fortunately, it came at a point when I’d be off for 3 weeks to go camping for my father land. . . am I excited? Yes I am for what God is about to do; I’d talk about this sometimes soon in a later later post. . .
Now to the bill. . .
I am indifferent about the gender equality bill and I know some people might say as a woman, really? Yes really! See, I have always been one to reason differently and I didn’t like that I do at a point in my life. There was a time when I’d wanna say something and I’d decide to stick with a supposed authority’s mindset or get lost in the crowd. . . the thing is, that ain’t me anymore and it’s okay to reason differently. Some people just agree with anything because so so said it and it’s bad as much as it limits the expansion of the mind. And it’s good to have diverse views on one topic, it’s beautiful.
Now the point is, I am liable to my opinion and I choose to decide what I’m okay with and not. . . so first, in a society where we don’t have security, how can we even trust a law that’s so flexible and easily manipulated to stand for women? Come to think of it, why do we even fight, struggle over the Gender Equality Bill?

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It’s just shameless watching our supposed senators with our supposed interest at heart arguing over the bill and being unnecessarily antagonistic for selfish, insecure and manhood related reasons hidden under the mask of religion and traditions.
See ehn, man and woman are equals before God. . . he took out of his rib to make a woman not women; just ‘the woman’ cos some men be forming Adam and be seeing their ‘Eve’ in every woman. Moreso, in the place of prayer, worship, we are same. God answers the prayer of a man the same way He answers that of a woman. The Bible didn’t say we are not equals; it said the man is an authority over a woman and we are talking married here. . . Some men be going about thinking they are authority over every woman they meet. That’s why we have rapists, abusers, female dominance, domestic violence. . . The Bible said dominate and subdue the earth and not the women! Men who are supposed to be under the teaching of the Holy Spirit being led by alcohols, machismo and much more. . .
See, it already sucks that we need to have a law to do the right thing by women but what sucks more is that even with the law, it’s not getting any better.
There are more #blacklivesmatter #nochildbride #saveagatu #walkagainstrape. . . the presence of a law doesn’t make it active.
I am in a place where I no longer believe in the rule of law to be fair and unbiased. And coincidentally, the law isn’t going to solve most problems. Women who feel insecure will still feel insecure even with the bill. Women who still feel inadequate, ugly and low-self esteemed will still feel like that even with the bill.
Our demons are real and we need something more real to fight it! And that’s what we find in God.
I love y’all. . . I’d be trying my best to send updates from camp! It’s about to be the longest journey of my life tomorrow!
Much love. Good night! Xoxo!
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