Nomination: The Liebster Award

Hellow guys. . . all the way from the land of equity. . . the oven state, hotspot of the nation . . . lmao. . . Kebbi is hot fa! but that’s no longer news Sha. . . Details on Kebbi in my next post. . .
I trust you guys have been great despite the situation of the country. . . Yes, I promise to be here as often as I can cos trust me, even one post per week can do all the magic. . .
So, I got nominated by Adichie of Adichie babz for the Liebster Award. Thanks girl! I’m honoured and you rock?????. . . I wish I can know what it means though. . . I mean the Liebster. . .
Let’s get to it!
1. What inspired you to start a blog?. . . Well, I’ve started blogging for quite a while. I had a blog a while back during the 2013 long ASUU strike with someone and before then, I was managing someone’s blog as content writer and uploader but talk about this blog, as a creative writer, I post my stuffs a lot using notes on Facebook or as post and then  a friend of mine, Yetunde said girl, why not start a blog, you could do this. You’ve got a lot to share you know! And then I gave it a thought wanting my motivation and passion to be right and then I started on blogger as social malls/egoscribbles and then I worked with Glowville for a while at the same time moving to WordPress finally in 2015 with a lot of instability and back and forths but I’ve grown a lot and I can’t imagine how much progress I’ve made in a short while, how much I’ve shared and how happy I am to be able to do this, be a voice, have a community. . . I could never regret.
2. Got any pet peeves? . . . Yes. I hate repetitions. It sometimes sounds like nagging and overemphasis. . . just say it once and drop it! (especially instructions).
3. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?. . . I’m a mixture of both and which is higher than the other is not fixed. I like to talk, I could be funny and crazy. . . doyin did a video of me saying ibukunwrites is crazy lol. . . the point is, I could be that crazy girlfriend my friend smh for *lol* and I’m that indoor person, loving solitude, in fact I can be at home for 3 days and you’d not know. . . I’m that music freak, movie freak plus popcorn together, baking, reading and writing. . . I’m reserved and I tend to keep to myself a lot. . .recluse was bae for a long time!!!! So I’m a werewolf.
4. If you could change anything about yourself, what would that be?. . . Well, I’d say the gift of having a photographic memory. I’m someone who doesn’t forget details, memories of 15 years and more. From what was worn, venue, lines etc. But it really had done me much harm than good like dealing with unforgiveness for a long time. . . like I wish I’m like people who don’t remember things from the previous day but I’m learning to harness it for the positive. . . I’m not gonna remember what hurts but what ‘happys’ me or others.
5. How would you describe your personal style?. . . Simple, Chic and African. I think I understand what that means.
6. What’s your favourite time of the day and why?. . . I love dawns/mornings. . . it’s surreal and calm for meditation, inspiration and much more. And it’s just part of me to wake up 4am and above even earlier. . . early mornings are just my best!
7.  Do you have writers’ block? And if so, how do you deal with it?. . . Well, I don’t know or I can’t say. Well, I have heard people say every writer or artist suffers a block at one time in there life and then they take a long break from writing or singing. . . well, I think you don’t necessarily have to experience a block to take a break! Sometimes, people take a break and go recluse or more for inspiration on a book or song, it doesn’t mean there is a block. . . anyways, enough said, I have not had writers’ block but one thing I know I struggle with is procrastination or having my hands too full that I allow certain things to suffer but I trust God to help me through it with discipline. . .
8. What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?. . . calm down and try to be less excited so it won’t cloud my decisions.
9. With the money?. . . I don’t know. I might just to have to wait for divine directions; support, help and yes, I have lots of projects in mind.
10. Which talent don’t you have but want?. . . Great and groundbreaking vocals. . .
11. What inspires new ideas for your blog?. . . God, everyday experiences, human journeys, stories of survivals, growth, children, women, pains, family, mistakes and rising above, tried but not destroyed, music, movies, creative writings, books . . these and more inspires me.
12. Three words that best describes you?. . . Resilient, Adventurous and Clever.
Wowwww, it was such a long story right??? Dilemma of a writer. . . I seize this precious writing opportunity to thank Adichie for nominating me for this post again and also to thank Nectar baby *lol* for checking and reaching out when I was away; girl, God bless your golden heart!
I therefore nominate the following sweethearts for the award;
1. Adaeze of Chynanu
2. Maureen of I am blaq
3. Pendapearl of pendapearl
4. Nectar of Debwritesblog
5. Presh of preshinspires
6. In between people of inbetweenpeople
7. Teefaith of teefaith
8. Ola of With love from Ola
9. Graysbibi of graysbibishotit
10. Charlene of charlenekez
Thanks y’all for reading!!!!
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