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Last Week in Retrospect


When it’s dark and gloomy, Your light still shines so bright. ~ Ibukunwrites.

Wow! I missed real blogging. I mean picking my pen to write something more meaningful, radical and spontaneous. . . not that I haven’t been doing much of that lately but not as frequent as I want. Yes, everyday, I walk not without a pen and a notepad having things to write in forms of quotes, poems, ideas and much more but I missed typing them on my laptop and sharing them with y’all. I haven’t opened my laptop for the past 30 something days since I settled down in Birnin Kebbi cos everyday there’s a lot to do, enough time to sleep and definitely some time to feed the bowels. I promised myself that I was going to be gentle on me throughout my service year, yes, I’m gonna ride myself hard not to lose who I am or be spiritually bankrupt but I am definitely not gonna ride myself rough. I just hope that with so much eating I planned to do this year, I can at least add flesh. . . but somehow, I think this body has come to stay, not that I am giving up on the probability that I can break the jinx of staying in the smaller kgs but I trust God that whatever I am and I look like, that’s what I am gonna be comfortable in. . . it’s been a long homecoming and I’m not ready to go back to that girl who used to be insecure about everything including her own body. Let’s pause for a moment and say Happy New Month! It’s still the 3rd day, so I’m still in the clear! I really don’t have a favourite month or months of the year but July is my sisters’ month. . . I hope I get to give birth to twins someday! I love them and I’d love them identical too.  . . May your new month be everything you innately desire in Jesus name. So last week, I went through the stress of having to type this particular post on my phone hoping to post it on Thursday and I added pictures and then uploading became a terror and all of a sudden, while I was trying to copy and paste as a new blogpost so I can re-add the pictures, it disappeared and bam! That was it! That was kinda my second time experiencing such. Nonetheless, after I settled down in Birnin Kebbi, my school handed me JSS1 and 2, SS1 and 2 to teach Literature-in-English and English Language respectively and then Nursery 2 Blue as Assistant Class Teacher well shey na only me waka come? But wetin man go do? From the screaming keep quiet, your heads on the table, silence, muje baya, tafi etc. Anyways, I haven’t started teaching the junior class until the next session cos this session is already winding up.


There was no accommodation provided but they promised to pay us a stipend to make up for that and yes, I got an accommodation and I don’t know if to paint the room or not judging by the fact that it’s just for some months, well, you never can tell what God has in store but nonetheless, I like a neat room, even if it has nothing in it, with or without visitors; so, I’m kinda stuck, donno what to do! Dedoyin also got an apartment opposite her ppa and mine too is close to my ppa, I only walk 10 minutes down there at most!. So, one of the perks we enjoy around my house is that there are two bakeries there! I love hot bread. . . As in, the bread is dope so tey, dem don even sabi us sef! Even doyin would come all the way from her area to mine just to get the bread hehehehehehe. . . in one word, we are addicted! But our weapon is not carnal *hehehehe* Last week was sort of our Test week and I literally had to go home with the test notebook of my Nursery 2 pupils cos the school doesn’t type their questions unless it is exam. They were like 30 students and I had to write out their questions on five different subjects ranging from rhyme to social norms etc. I did it almost through the night and I was worked out! The real teacher in Nursery 2 was riding on my assisting ability abi! But there’s God na! but the principal said she isn’t suppose to work me hard cos I’ve got my own twelve periods in a week with SS1 and 2. ? yes! Twelve good periods.


I didn’t set my senior class test questions which was expected cos the principal, whom I took over from has been the one taking them before I came but he made me come up with the marking guides which he then vet and then instructed me to mark. But seriously sef, one thing I found distressing in the North is the use of blala as cane in schools. I learnt that’s what they use predominantly here but even if I have not sample many schools, I’ve seen that of my school. The Aunty in my class use it on those small small children and I be like isn’t this too much kinda? Me I can’t beat them sha o cos at times, I can’t even stand the lashing on their body.   Moving on to the weekend, I baked! Yes! Baking and cooking has always been a part of me and it’s one other thing I enjoy most after writing; oh! I love to sing too. I baked meat pie and trust me, it didn’t come out the way I wanted in shape and neatness because even though your girl didn’t forget to carry her oven and toaster all the way from Ogun State, I forgot quite a lot of things too like my meat pie cutter, pastry brush and much more. I’m hoping I get them here in Kebbi. image I heard there are two big supermarkets here called SHEABAN and HEROES LAND! I’ve seen the SHEABAN from afar and yesterday, I tried going but they’ve closed early because of the Sallah in the air! So when I do, I’d definitely bring pictures and tales but it’s quite big from the exterior seen. Back to my meat pie, it was super rich and tasty! You know I always deliver na. My neighbours were literally making me feel like a million bucks and yea, I don even get apprentice sef *hahahaha* and you can’t believe that I bought five irish potatoes for #50 naira! Unbelievable! You can’t get it for that amount in the South-West! img_20160624_071549.jpg image   And yes, things are reasonably high in the market now cos of the Sallah period so if you want to buy something, you gonna have to wait till Saturday upwards to shop at a cheaper price. . . But for now, I can’t decide the fate of my toaster cos there is no slice bread in Birnin Kebbi weird right? I know. I tried using the agege bread to toast but it didn’t really come out with a good shape that the slice bread would have given. image I toasted this one using peanut butter, lettuce there’s abundant lettuce here like I’ve never seen before. . . made me remember the first time I went to Kasuwa (market) to get vegetable and I bought that of #100 because I had thought it was gonna be small only to wish I had just stayed at #50. In the North, they don’t tie their vegetables like we do in the West. Everything would be in heap and then they would start dishing the amount you want to buy by measuring with their hands until they’ve decided it’s enough for that amount. After lettuce, I put sardine (canned titus), baked beans and raw egg and it came out like that in the picture above. image I also extracted coconut last week. I bought one coconut for #150; very big! The aboki skinned it for me and then I went ahead to blend it, squeeze out the milk with a chiffon look I didn’t have that pap/cloth sieve and then I poured the milk in a transparent bowl, I allowed it settle like I was seeing water below and milk floating above, I refrigerated it and the evening of the next day, I lifted the iced milk above into the pan, started stirring till it was brown and then you can see the oil. . . Maybe I’d do a proper tutorial on this! Back to the just concluded week, I went to class on Wednesday to take my SS2 English only to discover that only one person came to class! Kai! I didn’t know what to do? I was like am I supposed to teach one student out of 10? And the funniest part is we close by 12pm because of the fasting and when it’s over, the school closes by 1pm; no extra lesson! While I was still at my thought, I lifted up my head to discover that the boy don dey sleep sef. Lobatan! image Forty five minutes later, I discovered that my fever from the previous week had taken a turn. I took permission from the principal, mount a bike and I was at FMC. I got a card for #300, did blood and urine tests only to discover that I have typhoid but I’m on treatment sha. image I got lots of fruit from Dedoyin and Ibukun as per get well soon na! but to the glory of God, I’m better now and yea! Sallah is in the air! All the rams are bleating, the cows, tied down, Invites are all over like three now to come chop. . . Even though our school no dey give us rice and meat; they said it is until the Big Sallah; which is October, that’s when they kill cows and rams and give us rice. . . so, yes, I can’t wait for the Big Sallah to come o! Rice is the koko now o! cos I hear a bag is like 14,500! I missed y’all and I am so back like I never left! I can’t wait to share with you my first experience with getting vegetable oil at Kasuwa and I know I probably should add more pictures from my Kebbi runs but I’d improve on that as I’d gist you about why it is like that and yea, I’d soon respond to so many pending tags. Happy New Month once again! It’s a great feeling to be back!!! It was sweet having to type this particular post on my laptop; the feeling is irreplaceable. Look forward to more me and you time! Mwah! Much love.????? ©2016. Ibukunwrites Memory is the diary that we all carry with us. . . ~ Oscar Wilde.

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