Just because I couldn’t make it on Tuesday as promised. . .
Just because I’m finally here. . .
Just because I decided to drop this here cos it’s more than poetry. . .
Just because we’re trying to be back. . .
I call this one UNCONTAMINATED. . .
We journey the road of life
having expectations,
with a mindset of how it should go. . .
They say when we journey
We should be open minded
Stuff our expectations inside
a pouch and roast
the road map to ashes
cos one is useful than the other. . .
They were wrong I said
But we were; I realized. . .
Cos sometimes life looks
Like Double O 7,
You have it all promising,
Then you walk into your death. . .
Or maybe not,
Maybe its Grey,
When tragedy falls
Undeserved and unprepared. . .
But we were kept for a time as this,
When we will no longer hold back
But share,
And let your world breathe in fresh air
Cos we are a whole new world;
~ ©2016. Ibukunwrites.
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Yes, the environment became unhealthy,
Yes, you inhaled toxins and became so
Still again you rose,
Like a phoenix from the ashes
And remained uncontaminated. ~ Ibukunwrites

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