Being Too Strong: Whose Strength is it?

Hello guys, happy new week! It feels great to be back here and first, I am happy to tell you the series is back! I’d be dropping a teaser here unfailingly on Friday morning after which everything that has to do with the series would be rounded up by November in preparation for a new one and more to come.
Today, I am spurred to talk about something very important which I called BEING TOO STRONG. I shared the above quote on my Instagram page yesterday and someone felt like is there anything like being too strong? I can categorically tell you that there is. Most times, we come from a place of pain that is deeper than us, that when we try to understand it, it becomes incomprehensible and the truth is, when we look back at our been-throughs, it’s a lot and now we are here and we feel like none of the walk was without strength!
Yes, we are strong but most times, we get it all mixed up! It’s not our strength that kept us that far cos in the midst of you saying God just let me be, God, I really can’t deal with you right now, I’m all alone in this thing, I’ve been abandoned, no shoulder to cry on, God, will you just make this stop. . . sometimes we pray for death. . . and in the midst of all these yearnings and wishes, we came out on the other side like we didn’t go through anything. . . that’s not our strength, that’s God kind of strength.
But do you know that sometimes, you go through fire and still smell like smoke? Do you know that sometimes, you look unburnt but you are seriously burning up inside? Do you also know that sometimes we become so carried away in all these keeping up appearances that we forget there is a reality down there in your emotions that is craving for the balm that lies in Gilead. I know how easy it is to get lost in you’re strong. . . she’s a strong woman. . . I envy your strength. . . I’m in awe of your strength. . . see, I’ve been there. 
And the only reason you can be lost in fire and come out as gold is because you found your strength in God. Let people be in awe of God’s strength in your life and not your strength cos the minute you begin to think it was your strength, you automatically assume this responsibility of keeping up with appearances; you have to rep who people think you are and then you become Meredith Grey, you say that’s the definition of strength, keeping it all together, no moment of weakness, you bury everything but the truth is, they always come back like Amelia Shepherd said. You want people to keep seeing you as that strong woman that you begin to deny yourself transparency. . . when your mind says this is what is going on, you tell it otherwise, you put up a different face. . . see, that’s not positive confession or walking in your reality! See, your mind says you are broken and you tell it, I am whole in the name of Jesus, I walk in the newness of the wholeness that has been available to me in Christ. . . that’s alright cos the only reason you are able to say that is because you acknowledged Him as the source of your strength but the minute you begin to feel a sense of brokenness and you do nothing about it, tell yourself, I am that strong person, you put on makeup, slip on your shoes, smile for the camera and post pictures, captions and motivating talks and in your closet you don’t feel as good as that. . . something is wrong! You silenced your truth to be the truth people think you are.
See, the thing about pretense is, we always fall out of it. . . the real you begin to show; one thing about professional actors is that, sometimes you become so good at your acting that when you don’t have your lines, you improvise like twice as good as what you should have said. . . so, when you fall out of pretense, it’s just like you forgetting your lines but instead of you to come up with something as good/better than what you should have said, you begin to fall out. . . your actions don’t matchup anymore, even your words don’t matchup again. . . that’s why you see some people on and off social media, they’ve been through this roughness and they can’t seem to allow God build an edifice out of their debris, so they talk about God and some other time you see them doing things or saying things that doesn’t emanate from God. . .
Let me round up by saying, this thing is just like juju! Jazz always wear off! The only strength you can get lost in, is yours! Enough to lose who you are by denying yourself the truth. . . cos when pretense is over, you return to what should have never been your reality if you had allow God’s strength to pan out your life.
Finally, allowing your strength to come from God doesn’t make you less a strong woman! Sometimes our problem is we are too greedy that we want to take all the glory; none of which should have been ours! The truth is, if we look back at all we have been through, we won’t be here if it was up to our strength.
News Flash: You guys will soon be subscribing to my podcast channel cos I have one now and it’s God’s way of planning things and I will be talking about things like this and more with y’all! So spread the good news, cos we are launching into purpose!

Don’t be too strong that you deny your issues ~ Ibukunwrites


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    October 9, 2016 at 10:18 am

    This is so imparting. Thanks for sharing dear…

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