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Friendships: Episode 1

Hey guys,
Happy New Week and also a happy new month to y’all already. Trust your weekend was amazing!
Last week, I was here to share my first podcast with you and today, I’m here again to share this new series I’d be doing on the Podcast segment with you all.
I’ve decided to make it a weekly thing because it would be easier that way (there are so many things to do) and anytime I’ve got a spare moment, I might drop another too.
So this week till the series ends, I would be talking about friendship.
What is the essence of friendships? When is it okay to love from afar or bring in to your circle? What more is there to friendships than people to call yours?
To find out my take on these and more to come, listen to Episode 1 here; Friendship: Episode 1
If you missed my first podcast, listen to it here Definition can be limiting
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Much love!

Friendship is sacred, supernatural and deep! ~ Ibukunwrites

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