Monthly Stocktaking

Stock Taking || A Glimpse into November Events.

Hey guys! Welcome once again to the last month of the year. I trust it to be the best of ‘em years! So some weeks back, I gladly stumbled on an amazing blogger wunms who stumbled on me by virtue of one thing or the other, and while we were having this little comment-chat whatever that means, I found a post of hers and I loved the idea. Then I promised her I was gonna try my hands on it by the next month which happened to be December and yes, in subsequent months too!
I’m glad to announce that Ibukunwrites will be Taking Stocks online every month and this I strongly believe could help the blog and myself to be better.
So here’s the first attempt;
November was great! It was my birth month and I had some mind-blowing and self-revealing revelations. Nonetheless, December is here and I’m full of thanks to God for keeping me.
Today, being the 2nd day of December, 2016, I am;
Making: My Spiritual and Career Life better. It’s really a must do for me and for everyone I think. You’ve gotta learn to set your priorities right ‘cos at the end of the day you realize all that ever matters is not malnourishing any; I believe if you get it right spiritually and with hardwork, you definitely gonna get it right in every other aspect. So why worry about what I’d eat, drink or wear when I can be fair to that which guarantees my essence and career, God!
Cooking/Eating: I’ve always been doing so much of cooking, making recipes and so much of eating. I’ve never really slacked at it; maybe at eating but that has changed since May! I now eat a looooot! I just don’t have the fat genes right? I guess. Anyways, I am eating Baked Potato Salad stuffed with Lettuce and more. . . 
Playing: Andra Day’s Rise up. I just love the song since that Grey’s Anatomy episode. 

Drinking: Been drinking a lot of cocacola these days and it’s just gotta stop. To enforce that, I got myself a huge sexy water container; I fill it with water, cucumber, watermelon and apple slices and sometimes, a slice of lemon and then I’d ice overnight and go to school with it the next morning. 

Reading: Well, I just finished reading Toke Makinwa’s On Becoming and that’s up for a review soon. . . I’m going to read for a second time today to place how I really feel about the book. Presently, I’m reading Kenneth E. Hagin’s Believer’s Authority. After which I intend to read Tomilola Adeyemo’s With Love from the Grave. It’s an ebook I bought from okadabooks a long time ago and I’ve not just had time to read it.
Wanting: A good laptop with at least 2 terabytes RAM and A good-enough camera.
Interested: Presently, I’m very much interested in a good writing job preferably a screenplay.
Deciding: Whether to attend my PPA’s Vice Principal’s Wedding. He is Igbo, the traditional wedding was done a year or two years before we came not sure about the years but now is the white/church part and I really don’t think I have what to wear to the wedding in my basket of clothes. There was no aso-ebi to buy and I forgot to add that to my NYSC kits when I was coming down to serve and the colour picked is sky blue. . .
Wishing: The weather here won’t be so harsh most times. I’m wishing serving in the North won’t be this hard. . . imagine them threatening headcount when people are supposed to be travelling for the festive period. Finally, I’m wishing sweetheart Femachi, a fellow corp member at my PPA, a happy birthday in arrears as she marks her birthday on Monday, 5th!
Enjoying: Opening up and learning to trust God. Seeing myself evolve and grow. I’m also enjoying the constant light here in this part of Nigeria. I am enjoying having to worry less and let each day open up itself and its opportunities. I’m enjoying watching me switch between my love and hate for GOtv and Startimes.???
Waiting: On God for so many things. I’m waiting on January so Grey’s Anatomy could resume. And then I’m waiting to see if I could actually go through this month without drinking cocacola.?
Liking: The idea of 2016 coming to an end. I donno why! I guess I feel so drawn to 2017.

Wondering: If we could have Scandal already.
Loving: Travis Greene’s Made A Way.  My journey and my relationships so far with good friends I made online.
Excited: For Christmas! Just don’t why! The idea of attending The Heather Lindsey Revival Tour tour coming to Nigeria in February in Lagos.
Pondering: On what I can I do to make Christmas memorable for someone. Also pondering on what I should get myself for Christmas even if it’s little. Finally pondering on habits I need to drop in 2017 and ones to develop.
Considering: Having a YouTube channel. I’m also considering cutting my hair; I’ve transitioned for 6 months now. . . then I priced a wig and it goes for 10k! Oh boi!

Watching: Nothing actually but I planned on watching Beast of No Nation after my clearance. I know everyone has probably seen the movie but yea, that’s me, I get these kinds of movies very late! So what am I to do? Watch and review when I get to see them.
Hoping: Dollar to Naira reduce drastically and Nigeria economy not only becomes good but better.
Cringing: at the level of hypocrisy and bashing gotten by Toke and her book.
Questioning: Why it is so hard to love? Why there are so much hate, tribalism and racism around? Why did Soyinka ever had to talk about tearing his green card at all?:?
Wearing: My NYSC Khaki uniform getting prepared to go for my December clearance.

Following: @naturalgirlonbudget on Instagram. Grey’s Anatomy closely; I want to know what Shonda is gonna do with Karev! Dang! He deserves some happiness in his life. He’s been through so much craziness. It won’t be so fair if he sacrifices his career for Jo.
Unfollowing: Some celebrities on IG not because of anything but because I feel the less I know about other people’s lives, the better for me. It helps me to focus more on my life. Sometimes we unconsciously get too involved in their lives that we forget about ours and how to make ours better and what we should rather be focusing on. 
Noticing: The growth in my attitude towards life, living and self. 
Knowing: It’s better to give in to purpose than struggle with it. When God says to go, you do yourself no good by ignoring and pretending He isn’t talking to you.


Marvelling: At God’s grace over my life. How much I’ve healed and how much farther I’m ready to go in believing in me even if it looks like it’s yielding no results. Also, I’m marvelling over and over at the artistic depth of Tawny Chatmon.
Thinking: About the children who sleeps and wakes on the streets, daily begging for what to eat.
Admiring: All the women who’ve ever been through the dirt to come out dusted, cleaned and used by God. I’m also admiring women who write effortlessly like Ada, Nectar, Adeola Opeyemi and so many.
Sorting: My questions out in preparation for the first term examination in my PPA.
Getting: Prepared for the weekend; it’s gonna be jam-packed with to-dos.
Bookmarking: Kenneth E. Hagin’s Believer’s Authority. I feel bad for still feeding on it with such sluggishness. 
Coveting: A new phone. . . don’t know if I’m allowed to!
Disliking: Having to close 3pm at school.
Starving: My distractions.
Giggling: At Nectar’s snaps! She’s just crazy!?
Feeling: Great about the New Year! Every fibre of my being bears good witness about 2017. 
Snacking: On my meal; baked potatoes.
Hearing: My laptop play Hillsong’s Ocean: Where Feet May Fail
Thanks Wunms for inspiring me to do this even though I added some jara. I challenge everyone to do this too and do let me know when you do, would love to read! I hope this continues till forever.
Much love!
Till I see ya again! Stay slaying!??
* * * * * 


  1. Debs

    December 2, 2016 at 9:38 am

    Ibukun! Ibukun!! Ibukun!!! Payback is a bi**h…Trust me I’m coming back for you.
    I love this post. I look forward to Scandal too. And now you are making me to consider Grey’s Anatomy.
    I guess I will participate in this, is it suppose to be a monthly thing? I hope I can keep up…

  2. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

    December 2, 2016 at 9:58 am

    Hahahahahaha show me all you’ve got cos I’ve got more baby??. . . You really should start Greys Anatomy! It’s been 13 seasons so far, but trust me, you can make it!. . . Yea, it should be a monthly thing and you can do it! Everything’s all about determination???

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