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Hallloz! Happy new week. Guess y’all are counting down to Christmas ‘cos I am. So every Monday, I’m gonna be doing a recap of how my week went, share a word for the week with y’all and also share the podcast for the week but I won’t be sharing the podcast for this week because I have a very sore throat and running nose. I’d probably be bringing the Episode 2 of The Friendship Series next week.
Moving on;
Last week was fabulous. 
I had – Running nose, severe headache and very sore throat but I’m much better than I was at the beginning of the week.
I scaled through – taking cocacola.
I got better – at my consistency on the blog.
I couldn’t – see Beast of No Nation was so busy.
I drank – water and just water.
Crazy part – Last week Friday, I went for my December clearance even though we weren’t paid for the previous month. Everyone was just grumbling up and down; some people weren’t even hiding their disappointment. I am still pissssssssed though lol.
Still on that clearance matter. Why do people do that thing? Imagine someone was going around inviting people for a money-making seminar and she was like I don’t even care if they don’t pay till next year cos I have more than enough and then she sat beside me and was showing one of my friend her account balance and she was like this is the least of all my accounts! Shoo! It AF do na! Don’t worry, we’d get there and that was so unnecessary I think.
Good news: My review of Toke Makinwa’s book made the front page of Nairaland on Sunday, 4th November! Yayyy! You know that feeling when you get a message and it says I saw your post about this and it made the front page of Nairaland and to imagine I didn’t put it there. . . that was a good news to wake up to, so yea, I’m thankful to the person who put it out there. God bless.
Finally, word for the week.
This is the most important aspect of this post. As at yesterday morning, I had something different in mind for this segment but as God would have it, it’s a totally different and important word.

I think I joined Nairaland in late 2014 or early 2015, not so sure. Most times I see people do this thing on social media, they share something about a website accepting their article etc. I love it and it’s always sweet to see them expand in their career you know, sometimes I wish I could push myself to make a submission; sometimes I see a competition, I don’t even do it, I don’t know why. . . I kinda follow my mind a lot. . . I don’t know why too. . . Maybe it’s due to the way I journeyed as a writer, it was quite a lonely journey so, don’t tell me not to make a big deal out of this cos I will?.
Back to the story, I used to function especially on the Literature section of the website. I could remember then at times I used to wonder what makes all those posts I see on the front page qualified to be there. I didn’t even know it was called front page as at that time. All I knew was that there is a particular page you see the moment Nairaland opens. I’m such a questionnaire, so I think I asked a friend as at that time and he kinda explained to me but still I didn’t get it ‘cos sometimes I read through those posts and the more I try to see it, I just don’t get it. So I probably moved on. I kept sharing my series on the website and then I became inconsistent ‘cos I didn’t feel encouraged you know. . . encouragement was one of the things I had to deal with at the earliest stage of my writing. Then I’d come back, I’d do it and then I got carried away by my website and when service was loading, I’d come back to check, ask questions about NYSC and all and then I moved on doing my thing. I have even forgotten about Nairaland or having those questions until yesterday morning when I came on Facebook and my cousin was like I just saw your write up on Nairaland front page. 
Believe me, that was my first time of loading the page since almost a year or more than now and then there it was, my article. Then it dawned on me that I used to ask questions about this front page. I never really wished my article would be there as at that time you know, I just wanted to know how it works only to realise that my article which I didn’t even share didn’t only make it to that front page, it had almost ten thousand views.
Here’s the point, I think I probably came on Nairaland to help get traffic for my blog as at that time ‘cos I learnt it could help me get traffic for my blog by sharing for a while and then asking people to read more on the site but at a point I stopped giving two shits about all those things and I decided to roll my dice the way I wanted it; no rush, no pressure, no trying to get traffic cos all those things have a way of getting tiring to me. So I decided to stick to my ink and paper, share on my social media pages and I kept telling myself that maybe this writing isn’t gonna look lucrative to people, maybe it’s probably not gonna make me a trillionaire but I’m happy doing it at my own pace and trusting God to raise a huge mountain out of that seeming valley.
As you go through this week, trust your guts! Don’t pressurize yourself. I know we all have aims, we probably wanna win Nobel Laureate, win Caine Prize much more, but pay less attention to those hidden and public wishes, take time to do your thing and trust God’s timing cos you’re a rockstar that need not wait for a particular wish to come true to validate you?.
I love you!
See y’all tomorrow with the next Episode of Memoirs of A Repentant Hooker.
Have a peaceful and hitch-free week!
~ Ibukunwrites.

Don’t stop believing! Everything you need to be great lies within. Don’t leave your fat land unexplored. ~ Ibukunwrites


  1. Debs

    December 5, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Proud of you darling!!! Keep doing you??

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