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A Happy New Year + Is Chiwetalu Agu Vulgar???

Guten Nachmitag guys ?

I think it’s still very much okay to say A Happy New Year to y’all on 14th January, 2017 (no worries, I’m already giving myself the side eye). It’s the very first blog post of the year and I am so excited!!! Of a fact I know that the very first blog post of the year goes a long way in determining not only the quality but also the consistency of the rest of the blogging months.
Just a little story. . .
When 2016 was virtually at its end, I told myself I wasn’t gonna resume blogging if I wasn’t sure of my consistency. That really messed me up last year and yea, maybe I do have some circumstances to blame for that still, it doesn’t undermine the fact that this is my own, this is where it all kick started. So, I said to myself that I wasn’t gonna neglect my own to contribute to other people’s. Opportunities are beautiful but only take the ones you can handle and also, train yourself to step out of your comfort zones, try that thing that scares you and see how successful you were at the end of the day to manage it all effectively, it might not be easy, but still you did it!
Moving on. . .
I’m counting down to the end of service year trusting God for all things great afterwards. . . so it means this year, ain’t bailing not an inch on y’all! Last year, I used to say Ibukunwrites is back and better but we all know how that story always ends, but trust me, this year is nothing like last year.
Still on the telling. . .
I wasn’t sure I was gonna post this soon but I found my inspiration two days ago and another yesterday, and another today! And y’all are gonna be reading a lot of movie reviews and critic from me this year and my podcast channel is also back and better too! You can find, listen and download on Soundcloud and also on my.notjustok.com. I’ll attach the links to the previous podcasts at the end of this post.
On the koko for today! Is Chiwetalu Agu vulgar
Trust me, I wanted to use something much more ridiculous than this heading but it was gonna sound like a sub and this is as cool as it can get.

Many of us might have seen that Epistle of Giden Okeke to the Nigerians/Censors Board (it has just one Chapter) ‘cos I don’t think he wrote another. Kai! When I saw that post, I broke my own rule and left a comment on instablog9ja. I was ashamed for something I can’t really put into words but I know my emotions could find words for it. A young actor just put a man that he probably started seeing on the TV when he was young and all dreamy for the fame on lambast saying what he says in Igbo are vulgar words detrimental to our children and that he also finds himself checking the sanity of his ears whenever CHIWETALU AGU comes on screen after he then call on Censors Board to do their job and even encouraged people to try see another Chiwetalu Agu film to get his point.
First of all, do you know that sometimes you might have a point but your approach towards that particular issue could make you fall victim of the supposed ill you’re trying to correct? When I read the post, I couldn’t see the concern he was trying to put out there. All I saw was ‘unnecessary insolence/beef’ and high disrespect to an older talent. 
See the point is, he didn’t even mention his name like that, he posted his picture, that’s an height!!! and his introduction is codedly spiteful and distant.
Here’s my take on it;
1. You can’t tell a man how to do his art! You can only give him advice on how to make it better not how to do it!
2. This man has been in that industry before you, trust me, the reason why I watch Nollywood at times is because of films that have people like Pete Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Mama G, Chiwetalu Agu, Bob Manuel Udokwu etc. apart from the new and definitely hot generations like Kunle Afolayan, Nse Ikpe Etim and the likes. . . and then it got me thinking, take Stevie Wonder as an example, I can’t even remember the last time I listened to him religiously and yea, I’m a fan and he still has fans out there but maybe not as great as The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, even Beyonce! But not one of them had deemed it fit to tell the old man that look G, you’re probably getting left out there, why not try to add a little rap, you know what I’m saying. . . We can’t keep wanting an industry to grow so bad when some celebs keep thinking that their art is bigger than that of others or rather, some people art should be strip off them because they are growing so old and are losing touch. I think we need to come to a place where we understand the fact that maybe we all do the same thing but art is very individual . . . it is that individuality that comes together to make a great film, story, music etc. Take for instance Lala land didn’t clear Golden Globes because it was just a good story and the Director did his work, but because it was a good work on all the cast’s part! All of them were indispensable. . . every art was brought to the table, given a midas touch and contributed towards the greatness of the movie. 
3. Bringing it to the funny part, I don’t even think Chiwetalu Agu is funny! I only find him amusing and I think being funny and amusing are slightly two different things. And truthfully, I didn’t even know who Gideon Okeke is until I read that post and then I remembered he was Tobe in When Love Happens. And the only reason I think he was able to say the actor is vulgar was because He is Igbo and so many people out there who buys his opinion. Some people don’t understand what he says; they just find his mannerisms and gestures very amusing that sometimes you don’t even care for the subtitle. But he is Igbo, he gets to know the meaning of what the actor says and he uses it as nail to put him in a coffin.
4. I was discussing with a very vast man of the art yesterday and he told me that there is no Nigerian film he has seen without rating. Maybe not 100% but 90% has rating and I agree. In fact, he went further to state that virtually all Nigerian movies are rated 18 and I strongly agree too; a sign that most Nigerian films are really not children friendly. . . then he said, except for some Local TV Stations that play films on and on ignoring the rating, DSTV is very efficient with ratings and I agree and with that he applauded the fact that Nigerian Film Censors Board is really doing their work which is true. Then I reminded him to buttress his point that an average Nigerian watches DSTV; if not that, GOTV or Startimes. No one uses Century Antenna these days *lol*. . . that means the real poor Nigerians don’t even watch TVs. . . So, tell me, what then are we now saying?
5. Finally, what struck me the most is the fact that suddenly we now care for the Nigerian child. . . we’re now suddenly bothered about what he/she hears or not! We wanna talk about what our children are picking up? Let’s start from our music lyrics. We wanna talk about what children are watching, let’s start with the kissing and love making young actors now do in our ‘Award Winning Movies’. . . Oh no! We don’t wanna talk about that but we can talk about Chiwetalu Agu!
6. Finally, I don’t think that man is vulgar, ain’t condoning, justifying or criticizing anyone. . . maybe I’m probably yet to see one of such films where he talked a woman’s body part??? Ask Tomilola Coco in her book where she mentioned how musicians freely talk about female body parts in their lyrics like . . . what’s that again? And for the record, I so much love Chioma Akpotha’s stand on the issue! We should inculcate the habit of standing up for what’s right in 2017!
I rest my case! Cooooooooooourt!
Thanks for reading guys!!! I’m blowing you cold kisses from Birnin Kebbi. . . if you’re feeling 45% cold where you are, know that I’m feeling 80%. 
I’d be back on Monday with something I know most of y’all want to read and there’s a series some of y’all have read a little. . . Love and Lies, it’s coming on the blog February! 
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What’s your take on the issue? I wanna read your comments!
Have a fabulous weekend!✌???
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You can’t be bitter and want to rise✌ ~ Ibukunwrites


  1. Debs

    January 14, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    You know when I saw that post on Instablog9ja, I quickly did a few Google search in who Gideon Okeke is. TBH, I dunno the ‘guy’.
    Chiwetalu Agu has been one of the oldest actors in Nollywood and as much as I’m not a fan of Nollywood, I have huge respect for his likes.
    I think we really need to ask the Gideon guy what his definition of vulgar is. Until then, he really deserves no attention he’s trying to seek!

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      January 14, 2017 at 6:40 pm

      Oh Lord baby boo!!! You just summed it a up! It’s a hundred percent attention seeking. . . way petty! ???

  2. Fred Ogbu

    January 15, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    You wrote very well. I love your points on where to start censorship …like music lyrics etc. But on taking a stand yourself, I wonder if you understand Igbo and has watched a good percentage of Agu”s film…. I am not taking a stand but I think what is left out even in the accusation of Okeke is to present examples / evidence, like 10 ”vulgar” slangs of Chinwetalu Agu, and people will evaluate.

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      January 15, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      Thanks a lot for the compliment Fred. I understand a tiny bit of Igbo; enough to put into writing? and I’m not saying Chiwetalu Agu was wrongly accused, of course not! And I’m not affirming his vulgarity either and yea, maybe you’re right about him citing examples but I think he went about it all wrong. . . that’s why I said sometimes approach has a way of making a good intention a bad one! . . . thanks for dropping by, I hope you do more often!❤

  3. OyinkansViews

    January 15, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    I was just laughing at the way that aunty came for his ass in the comments. Thats what happens when you become ‘butty’ igbo i guess and lose your manners,lol.

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      January 16, 2017 at 12:54 am

      Lmao???? I can’t deal ‘butty Igbo’. . . thanks hon.❤❤❤. . . hope to see more drop bys???

      1. OyinkansViews

        January 16, 2017 at 9:25 am

        Hehehe. You’re welcome dear and most certainly????

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