To the one who has been. . . 

Good afternoon blogfam! Trust your week is going great! I was supposed to post here on Monday but the devil is a liar! Biko, make una help me call am liar! he has always been and he will continue to be!
Here’s the thing,
Yesterday afternoon, I was about to get my documents including the blogpost of yesterday outta my laptop when the OS crashed! And even till now, I’m yet to get someone to repair it for me. . . the Engineer I was connected with said 4k! Biko kilode! No be to reload the software and backup my documents??? I was pissed that he was Yoruba and he was trying to pull a smart one thinking I’m a novice and I don’t know how this thing works. I was almost wishing the laptop had done that when I travelled so I could have fixed it before coming back to Kebbi! If popc was busy, I spend anything at all, I’ll spend 1.5k. . . so, now I’m kinda learning to manage what I have for now which is my phone??? and I hate typing with phones.
It didn’t only hurt so much because I had to start retyping some stuffs all over but because it happened at a time when I’m trying to be consistent as possible and trying my hands on some other aspects of me! Still, I kinda felt like the laptop is telling me ‘he’ has tried and I should get a more sophisticated one:mrgreen: (there’s nothing God cannot do!)
Good News
I had an interview with African Freelancers on their Interview Session segment. I happened to be their first on the segment:) and I talked about my book, Creeping Voices, my writing/freelancing journey/experiences and my advice for both budding and growing writers. It was published this morning and you can read here.
I wrote this piece titled To the Girl Who’s been told She’s not Enough as my submission for this week as a Content Creator on Odyssey. I don’t usually do this but when I write this way, it’s always profound, blunt and powerful yes, it’s okay for me to say that ‘cos I’m passionate about stuff like that and I know how it is always with me writing about it. . . I’m gonna share here and you can read the rest on Odyssey. . . don’t forget to leave your comments there, like, share and don’t stop sharing?

You mustn’t have to make them want you, they must want you themselves. ~ Rupi Kaur

Dear Girl,
Sometimes I know it seems nothing can be crueler than being told you aren’t enough. That nothing about you satisfies a thing in another; that the sound of your very voice annoys the heck outta them. That you tried so hard but your love can’t just be reciprocated no matter how much you try . . . maybe sometimes it feels like love will never find you ‘cause everyone you loved unexplainably can’t just love you in return.
I know that so many times you probably sat in a corner crying yourself out and asking what was wrong with you! It doesn’t seem like nothing you ever did ever got you what you want. For you, virtually everything, from love, friendship and more had been a struggle. 
I know how it feels to try twice as hard even more where others are probably getting it at once. You’ve always have been made to feel like you have to try harder and fight for everything; for their love, attention, companion, success and approval. It went from sometimes to habitual mental and emotional abuse that you become unrecognizable to yourself. You lost your self esteem, confidence and definition of who you are. . . then you started thinking, maybe they are right! Maybe something is indeed wrong with you; maybe you are a failure who suck at everything. . . your face probably looks like a hot pot of mashed beans and your arms like fifteen tubers of yam! You thought, maybe that chick they left you for was right, you’re definitely too messed up and incapable of keeping a man. 
I know how living for you went from something you have to do for yourself to what you have to do for them. You started putting yourself through the rigours of planks, to continue reading. . .
I love y’all blogfam! See you tomorrow!. . . ????
~ ©Ibukunwrites!

You have come too far too give up! ~ Ibukunwrites


  1. Debs

    January 17, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Wicked girl! Giving us snippets…
    Don’t worry baby, a new lappy is coming very soon!!! And congrats on your interview, the world ain’t ready for how you will blow up in their face!

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      January 17, 2017 at 3:48 pm

      ??? Amen o!!! Thanks a lot Darling!!! The world is just ain’t ready for us all ❤❤❤?

  2. oshamebinum

    January 17, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    The Devil is a LAIR!!!!! Lol!!

  3. Dee.

    January 23, 2017 at 10:56 am

    You write beautifully hun.
    Pls I need your email address.

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