Monthly Stocktaking

Happy New Month || Monthly Stocktaking

Someone got dolled up by a pro?? for Waziri’s Daughter’s Wedding! (Waziri is a Kebbi high Chief title and the man owns my PPA). I didn’t know how I feel about the makeup even till night time. . . 🙂

Happy New Month blogfam!!! Like it feels so good to say that! I can’t remember the last time I felt adrenaline so huge about blogging (I’m not saying all my posts haven’t been screaming adrenaline. . . you know na! your girl always represent;)❤). . . I mean, the past one year and a month has been one poised with one challenge or the other and these challenges have been my easy-peasy excuse not to be consistent and I’ve had it quite rough over the past two weeks from shuttling between hospitals, my bed, PPA and having to repair my laptop! You know that laptop has really tried and I do need a new one but till then, my German Machine laptop is gonna be up and doing??.
So, I’m gonna be doing a review of the just concluded month, January! January was a month I had to experience as it ushered in the 2017. . . and yea, I have been going through a purpose struggle since last year and ever since the moment it started last year, a lot of things happened along the way and basically one of the things I dealt with the most was fear but the more I kept allowing that and more to hold me back, the more the purpose call became intense, so I am getting to a place where I confess and build my confidence everyday through Christ as regards what He has commissioned me to do and I do know that in the fullness of time, everything is gonna pan out. . . basically, the point of having to give you this synopsis is that you might be seeing a lot of changes on the blog.
That reminds me, this morning I got a message on my facebook page from an ardent reader of this blog. I talked about him here. He was so much concerned about me, my series and inconsistency that he was humbly wishing that I get better in that aspect and I was so touched and I did promise to get better but I understand now why things went all unsteady back then because so much was going on with me (soul searching, issues addressing and purpose owning). . . but now, it’s all good, y’all won’t be running after me to get me here??. . . So thank you once again Abdul! I do not take your concern for granted.
So, January. . .
Making: Still in the business of making my spiritual and career life topnotch. ‘Cause for me, it’s basically what living boils down to.
Cooking/Eating: I haven’t been doing so much of eating/cooking varieties recently. . . it’s not Buhari ‘cause the righteous never begs for bread?. . . lots of work at PPA and lots of work with writing too that sometimes it just feels like getting something quick to eat. . . but presently, I’m snacking on my leftover banana bread from this morning (yes, I made one in the middle of the night *weirdo*) and I intend to make moimoi on Saturday, bought my ogi since Monday and I’m just putting water on it and changing the water to keep it fresh I guess (that’s probably why they change the water on blended corn:)).
Playing: I’m playing nothing; maybe a music in my head sha.
Drinking: Lots of water and cucumber/lemon/ginger drink in the morning not religiously ‘cause I’m just detoxing.
Reading: Oh! I just blessed myself with amazing books. . . and I am presently reading Tim Crother’s The Queen of Katwe. . . you know that film that has Lupita Nyongo and David Oyelowo going around with little publicity (Disney is doing a wack job with the publicity); yea, it’s an adaptation of the book I’m currently reading and then I intend to buy and read Aline Milfort’s Tears Turned Into Purpose.” I saw the advert on okadabooks IG page yesterday and I was like what book is this, then I checked the Author’s page and just like that, I love her, I haven’t read the book but I know what sort of book it is, I DMd her (my bad?) and I told her how awesome such books keeps me in awe of God’s grace. . . it’s 3k on okadabooks and I intend to get it this month hopefully.
Wanting: A good laptop, phone and plenty natural hair kits?.
Interested: Doing and living purpose and anything edifying.
Deciding: Whether to see a movie I’ve seen before or not.
Wishing: I won’t have to miss Heather Lindsey’s visit to Nigeria but I am going to but I’m hopeful about another time. 
Enjoying: My resolution to do nothing less than purpose. Also, I’m enjoying the opening of Scandal’s return.
Waiting: On Harmattan to pass. . . not that I’m excited to welcome the heat that follows here in the North but I have a very dry skin and I’m not so much of a sweating person, still I have a fan and it’s better than having a fan and not being able to put it on ‘cos it’s cold.
Liking: The idea of my weekend starting from today. Tomorrow is clearance; Friday is CDS and then the weekend all minus PPA???.
Wondering: If we could live in a temporary place for a year or more paying no rent:oops:?
Loving: Henrisoul’s Dere Du. The song is so blessed. A friend of mine gave me when I couldn’t resist it so bad; he didn’t even wait for me to say it. You should download it though.
Excited: For everything God’s yet to do and all that He has done and will do.
Pondering: On Financial Freedom.
Considering: Writing a 5 mins screenplay for someone and dropping one of my writing engagements?
Watching: Warrrrrrrrrr Room! I started yesterday but I had to sleep so I’m starting all over again today; I could afford to spare time for films I’ve been longing to see.
Hoping: The Nigeria Economy becomes good and not this harsh.
Cringing: at how people tend to make fun of things I don’t really think are funny not because I just can’t catch the joke but because it’s not suppose to be funny.
Questioning: Why we ever have to hurt to journey the road of healing? Cos sometimes when we think we are healed, we are just masking it so bad and if there isn’t a hurt in the first place, we won’t be trying to be sincere with our process ‘cause we need to heal if we ever intend to add value to anything or anyone around us.
Following: @julestherapy on IG. I’ve known about them for over a year and I wanted to order some oils that time but cash happened then I thought again recently, these people should be on IG and bam!. . . they have virtually all the oils in the world but cash is still happening (unpaid advert?? who send me:mrgreen:). Also, I’m following HTGAWM religiously! I need to know what’s gonna happen. I’m so worried about Annalise Keating. . . a character o!
Unfollowing: Fear and chasing confidence in Christ.
Noticing: A lot of grace and confidence in me accepting to do purpose. 
Knowing: That not everyone is gonna be your fan. Not everyone is gonna see the positive or get the message in what you say, do or what you stand for but the people for whom the message is meant will always get it.
Marvelling: at the concept of Grace.
Admiring: Everyone woman who has refused to stay broken but be healed.
Sorting: out my lesson notes. I now have more classes than I used to have last term.
Getting: to understand why you have to seek wisdom every time you are dealing with people.
Bookmarking: nothing; just started reading a new book and I am ready to fight reading inconsistency right, left and centre.
Coveting: Nothing physical. . . for now.
Disliking: Human condemnation and judgmental attitude.
Starving: Fear, Doubt and Negative thinking.
Giggling: Nothing right now. . . I have deleted my snapchat, therefore, I can’t see Debs snaps????
Feeling: Blessed.
Snacking: on Minimie chinchin. I got one from school.
Hearing: Someone speak Hausa from the other flat.

Do you know Queen Bey is expecting twins? I just read and I’m so happy to my bone cos I love twins. . . my mum has identical twin brothers, and her twin brothers also gave birth to twins, I have twin sisters, my cousin gave birth to twins. . . I better stop! It’s basically in the blood and I want one too. . . but there is this myth about people who want it don’t have it. . . durrrrh!!! Seek and ye shall find?).

And that’s the end of stocktaking for the month of January/inception of February. And by the way, it’s my younger sister’s month and I am so happy to see her clock another year again! . . . and there is so much rave going on with this Big Brother Naija thing. . . imagine my students telling me today that I look like someone in the house, she’s slim and all. . . I said okay! 
Anyway guys, happy new month once again! Wishing you the very sweet things February has in stock and I want to use this time to pray for the ladies and the guy who went missing, and I heard there is a demand for ransom. . . concerning them, we shall read good news of safe return and total completeness of the mind and body. It is well.
Thanks for reading! And yea, we’re gonna be talking about makeup and Hausa wedding in my next post???. If you’ve not subscribed to my podcast channel, you can do it here or here.
Y’all feeling your girl with the makeup? :):) (it feels so weird to be this dolled up and some people do this everyday! OK o!) I thought I said next post:?
Stay healthy in all ways!
Mwah!???. . . 

If there are hundred reasons it could go wrong, remember there are one thousand and one reasons it could go right! ~ my Dad’s quote!


  1. Debs

    February 1, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    ??? I’m doing this tomorrow??
    You look so beautiful and different with that make up on…let’s hope someone will wear make up more tho??
    Beht why will you delete snap tho??
    Great post…those book reading part be reminding me that I’ve long left so many books unfinished…social media can be distracting tho…I hope I can really go on a social media detox for a while

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      February 1, 2017 at 9:52 pm

      Hahahaha! You should Darling, can’t wait to read it! Talking about makeup, I pray o! I’m so lost in getting a topnotch skin than makeup o but I hope I improve???. . . WO, I had to close my eyes to delete snapchat o cos it was just like IG Story to me and like you said, social media is soooo distracting! We all need the detox once in a while. . . oya go and pick those books. It’s so easy to half read books. Much love hon.????

  2. oshamebinum

    February 1, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    I don’t know why buh what really got to me was your saying the people for whom the message is meant for will get it. I mean, that’s just the word I needed to hear this morning…
    My wanting list is so simple.. A beautiful and gorgeous journal.. Lool..
    Shout out to your sister from a fellow february born lady..
    Thanks Ibk for this post..
    Lovely make up by the way..

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      February 2, 2017 at 7:21 am

      Awwwwnnn I’m so glad hon.?. . . yea. Journal is very important good. I got myself one last month, you should try and get one (the one I have is not so beautiful tho??? cos we are in Kebbi but it gets the job done). Thanks for the compliment and the wishes.???

  3. oshamebinum

    February 1, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    I almost forgot to say that I absolutely looove war room…. War room is amazing and perfect for warrior queens like us..

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      February 2, 2017 at 7:22 am

      Oh! Baby! War room is every woman’s compass! The film is life!!!

      1. oshamebinum

        February 2, 2017 at 8:13 am

        I tell ya.. We just gotta learn how to fight on our knees in prayer… Prayer always wins..

  4. Tolu L'queen Oluwaseyi-Daniel

    February 2, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    War room is a great movie darling, you should actually finish watching it.
    The power of the effectual fervent prayer and the ability of a praying woman to speak life to her home.
    Nice post

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      February 7, 2017 at 6:28 pm

      Awwwnnn darling Tolu! Thank you! Believe me, a review is coming right up! It’s everything.

  5. Dee.

    February 10, 2017 at 10:23 am

    I enjoyed this hun, this z proper stocktaking lol.
    I owe you a mail o

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