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A Happy Weekend to Y'all + Thy own life, you do not take!

Hey guys, happy weekend to y’all! Hope the week was great so far? Guess what, I don’t feel quite a rush of adrenaline to be back buh I know I’m excited to be. . . I feel great to be. . . and being back is all I wanna ever do.
Sometimes we go through things in our lives that depresses us, take away our enthusiasm about things we love and lock away our inspiration buh you know, learning to rise is a thing I’ve come to value and learn to be very intentional about daily. Some pains won’t spare all resources available in order to bury you buh when you look at how far you’ve come and the things God presses on your heart even though you might have a hard time seeing yourself in that capacity, you’d never wanna stay the same.
My journey hasn’t been beautiful. . . very ugly, dark and twisted moments buh believe me when I say, it ain’t over unless He says it is and I shared something on my twitter page two days ago saying, when you realise your life is a mix of art and ministry embedded in purpose, you let Him do what only Him can do.
I don’t know how many times you’ve gotten it wrong than you have gotten it right, probably the ratio is a 5:1, I don’t know how many times you’ve been used, drove nuts, repeated the same mistake over and over again enough to contemplate suicide, girl/boy, you can rise where you once shamed!
Now, lemme share this funny thing, my fan is faulty and I was told it’s a coil problem and I probably would have to get another. . . so my sleep hasn’t been sound because the heat here is second to none. . . even the driest and unsweating skin will bow to the god of heat in Kebbi. So, while I was rolling up and down on my bed, I could hear someone take his bath around that kind past 4 or less. . . you know I could have actually thought that the heat probably drove him into the bathroom but there was light and their fan was great. So my Yoruba self came out to play, ???. . . I was like this person is not travelling, then why is he taking his bath? What if he’s using ose isegun or whatever (deliverance soap or whatever) in the bathroom and na me dey always enter first in the morning?????. . . I couldn’t believe my own thoughts!
Then my Mama’s psalm came to mind, (I always thought it was psalm though till I discovered it was Prophet Isaiah 54:17) she loves this verse so much. I can count how many times she’s made us recite it and I’ve heard her say it. . . the Yoruba version of that verse is ?
Anyways it was amusing to have such a memory and thought that reminded me of the Yoruba syndrome. Anyways, I’m entering the bathroom in power and style because ko si oun ija kan. . .???
Finally, I wanna say a very big thank you to everyone who has shown me massive love ever since I returned. . . your comments are life! Yea, and a special shout out to Tolu of biyitolu.com.ng . . . dude, that weekend pack concept is lit! And thanks for finding us fitting of a corner in there.
On this note, my Yoruba self is walking away. . .till I come your way next week, don’t stop rising and don’t take your own life!!!!
If He did it before, He can do it again . . . same God!
~ ©2017. Ibukunwrites

Never regret in choosing the wrong decisions. You become wiser the minute you choose the wrong one. We’re all perfectly imperfect. And when love comes knocking, never be afraid to feel or being afraid it will hurt you. Even if it did hurt you, forgive yourself for the things you did while love ran it course. . .” @Prisypearl IG!


  1. Debs

    April 22, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    ??? Izzz not only ose isegun! Silly you? Good to have you back here hun?? My mail has been buzzing with your posts back to back!

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