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It's May || Monthly Stocktaking

Happy New Month guys! Welcome to another new month. . . for me, this is another exciting opportunity to do a review of the old month and my expectations for the new month. Yesterday, the 30th April was my Dad’s birthday and not only am I grateful for another new journey he has started but I’m also very grateful for the previous. . . So once again, I’m wishing you all a Happy Happy New Month! For us, the month of May is gonna be one to remember for good and great things. 
So, April. . . 

I finished: serving my fatherland on 7th April and it’s amazing how time flies and how so excited I am to face the next phase of my life even though 90% of all, God knows what next. And again, I am quite grateful for the opportunity that was birthed through the completion of my service year ‘cause I have learnt to enjoy every process, moment and stage of life. . . so no more jungle boots, no more white shoes, shirts and khaki. . . au revoir NYSC! It was fun while it lasted.

Making: a conscious effort at not staying where my pain left me. Learning that friendships are not permanent, that mistakes are ugly but we aren’t because we make them and that sometimes we’re gonna meet people that are gonna hurt us, lie their way through our hearts and life but where they left us off is not our end.
Cooking/Eating: a lot but presently I’m feeding on the left over meatpies I made (yelz, I’m a badass baker n cook?) yesterday for my Dad’s birthday. . . you know iz not a joking stuff when @chefjess on IG gives one a love struck emoji? 

As sumptuous as they look

Glad: about my progress as regards consistency on the blog.
Playing: Princess Abiola’s God of Everything! I’ll put a download link in my next post. She’s one of the beautiful souls I met during my university days whose love for God aspire me to crave for more depths in loving and desiring Him.

Drinking: Water. . . haven’t really won the war against Cocacola but I know I’m graced as I’m starting A 31-day Coke Free walk this new month.
Reading: I’m currently reading Juanita Bynum’s No More Sheets. I was given this book by a very good friend of mine and sister, Oluyemisi and it occurred to me after downloading the No More Sheets video last week that I never really DEVOURED the book and that’s why I’ve picked it up again. I am yet to get Aline Milfort’s book like I planned to last month but I’m also reading Iyanu Adebiyi’s The Road Leads Me Home (that will be up for review on Wednesday). . . by the way, friends that buy you books, seek your spiritual and physical growth and love you unconditionally are keepers! For me, Oluyemisi is one of those keepers!

Wanting: the same as I wanted last month – unending depths in the spirit, a good laptop, Gionee M6, plenty natural hair kits and blessings overflow in cash and other forms.
Interested: in launching into all that God has called and placed in my heart to do – by virtue of purpose or all that I need to walk away from or yield to.
Deciding: whether to get a pixie cut or make crochet braids.
Wishing: we would have less cases of domestic violence, surviving marriages and relationships; no more instadramas and celebrity marriages surviving.
Enjoying: the company of my family. . . my sister has been so hilarious and weirdly revealing and my mum and dad, oh Lord! So much revelation.
Waiting: on the return of everything Shonda Rhimes. . . 
Liking: the idea of celebrating Mum’s birthday with her before leaving home. . .
Wondering: If it is true that when you are dating a man or when you’re married to a man, you’re not the only woman he is seeing. . . a man told me that, another man said, men will always be men but I believe there are men who faithfulness is who they are.
Watching: Modern Family! I have been ridiculously entertained like if you are a series lover like me, you gotta get your hands on it. It’s pure comedy garnished with drama. . . and trust me, Sofia Vergara has been killing it and every other actor in that series. . . her Columbian diction gets me all the time.

Hoping: brotherly love will abound and not be circumstance-based.
Cringing: at how people criticize other people’s truths and lampoon other people’s struggles.
Questioning: Why we have to date out of purpose. . . why do we get close to people, make them comfortable around us knowing fully well we never intend to make it into their permanent and future? Why do we treat people the way we’d never want ourselves or anyone we hold dear to be treated?
Learning: to be intentional about healing.
Following: @okikisola on IG! She makes the best Ankara accessories I’ve seen (no worries, she did not pay me?. . .). Looking forward to getting her bags. . . you should go check her out.

Unfollowing: people and things that doesn’t matter and are not purpose-inclined.
Noticing: A lot of grace and strength where the devil had told me I can’t rise and where I would have stayed brooding, mourning and feeling low.
Knowing: that sometimes we’d come together to fall apart when it comes to people, acquaintances and friendship ‘cos it means the journey was never one to make it into the future. 
Admiring: everyone who’s rising beyond the definition of themselves according to their pain and experiences.
Starving: Fear and Shame
Giggling: at a comment I got this morning about someone implying I can never be consistent at blogging.
Feeling: Blessed and Grateful
Snacking: nothing. . . I don’t have minimie chinchin here.
Hearing: someone call my name.
Finally, I’m glad to announce that as from upper week Monday, my Wisdom Nuggets for the week will be back. . . remember I used to do a weekly podcast on my Soundcloud. . . so yea, you’ll be listening to more of that as from 15th May. . . who’s excited?
As you journey this new month of May, let this knowing be in you, that He that has called you into seeing and walking this new month is faithful and just to bring you through it and many more months ahead!
Stay happy, inspired, blessed and blissful! Kizzez!???
~ ©Ibukunwrites. 2017.

This is what the Lord says: “I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains. I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness— secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lordthe God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. ~ Isaiah 45:2-3.

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