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While I was Away. . . 

It is very refreshing to go away and take a break, to clear your head, and just get into something else. Francois Nars.

Myself; PC: @debwritesblog

A Happy Sallah Break guys! And A Happy New Week to y’all. I know it must feel uber cool to be resting on a Monday morning. At least, if I can’t speak for everyone, I can speak for Debs of Debwritesblog  . . . Well, it was officially 3 months yesterday that I took an indefinite break from blogging but I feel so glad doing my second blogpost post-break. 
There were many reasons why I left and I think in subsequent posts, I’ll be talking about them but like I said, walking away for a while was a breath of fresh air, I got my clarity and I feel great working towards awesome.
So While I was Away. . .
1. I made some resolutions;
(a) I won’t be blogging the ‘outstanding’ series Memoirs of A Repentant Hooker on this blog again. Why? Well, if I were a reader, I would be bored already. If something drags for so long, you get tired. Therefore, the only reason I’m gonna bring back this series as a blogpost for continuation if you guys asked me to and a part of me don’t think you might. In lieu of that, I have decided to release the series as an EBook for free downloads on In other words, come first week of October, you guys can have a non-disjointed and not-dragging Memoirs of A Repentant Hooker on your tabloids and until that is achieved, I won’t be bringing any series to the blog.
(b) I won’t be doing too much content writing/freelancing. Why? I think one of the disadvantages of freelancing uncensored or unmanaged is that you can be a little distracted and may unconsciously abandon your brand and may lose yourself along the way. When you are too involved, you become less involved in your own. So I have decided to take the ones I know I can conveniently work with that won’t require me struggling for a blog time, self time, rest time etc. In fact, I do write for free – I’m someone who obviously may not care about the money if the course is passionate to my heart; so this decision isn’t borne out of chasing cash, it’s trying to decongest and exhale. . . Still, I’m always up for content writing and always a Freelancer; so if you have a job for me, I’m always your best bet, so don’t hesitate . . . and I can’t be coerced into a Yes! I know how to say No pretty well now.
2. I lost certain opportunity(s)/platform(s)
(a) Yea that’s right! But the truth remains that I am very grateful for the amazing opportunities to be on those platforms while it lasted. One that stood out for me the most was moskedapages and believe me, there is a limit to being considerate and understanding especially when it comes to protecting the integrity of one’s brand and not making readers feel like they are insignificant. Did it hurt? Yes, more than a little but I’m glad that the seeming misunderstanding was cleared and people loved the series while it aired on her page. . . and I think because of the way I was dragging the series and other writers doing the same, she had to decide not to feature uncompleted series! I’m very sorry Sally and I’m exceedingly grateful for the opportunity. The truth is that sometimes, it’s only you that understands you! And things happen that everything can become uninteresting to you.
3. I realized readers can be a little insensitive.
(a) Don’t get me wrong, readers love can be overwhelming but some people can be a little inconsiderate sometimes. I remember when I was AWOL, I appreciate that people kept refreshing this blog and kept checking on me but the truth is, there was a particular message I got about hoping I get to settle whatever. . . can’t really remember! Writers are humans. Everyone has their issues, but not everyone has the same issue! There is no love without sensitivity. That people come out to give you hope and fun through their writings doesn’t mean they are not dealing with dark things in their mind. Words are powerful – I think I learnt that during my away moment and I think one thing I never failed to do during my inconsistencies is come here to explain myself. I can’t begin to pour my issues into a blogpost and then it’s people that’ll still tell me, everyone is going through something, deal with it. . . stop karamoing. . . for every reaction, there is an action. Let’s not always make light of people’s going throughs and assume every disappearance is ‘unnecessary inconsistency/procrastination/un-seriousness’. . . People are fighting silent battles. . . 
4. I travelled 

Debs of Debwritesblog and Myself?

(a) Yes! I went to Abuja and I had the great honour of meeting the number one woman who is mesmerized by me Debs of Debwritesblog?????. To say she was such a great host is an understatement. Meeting her was such a moment I’d treasure for life and I looooooooove her! Sometimes I feel like she makes me feel too big. . . anyways, I’m proud of her, I’m honoured to be associated with her brand and I’m also happy August brought us face to face after a year and little month(s) of being unseen. . . I have her and Yetunde to thank for making my stay a delight. Girl, this is me saying thank you! Iz such a pity there’s no bigger words than thank you and I loooooooove you! When and where many say there’s a casting down, you’ll speak of a lifting up! 

Sisters’ hug; L – R : Yetunde, Funmi and Myself?

(b) I had a reunion, met another amazing blogger and made a new friend.  – Yas! I reunited with my sisters after two years – Funmi and Yetunde and I also met Tolu of @lotsoflove_bytolu and made a new friend, Seyifunmi (all thanks to Debs). Trust me, I couldn’t have spent August anywhere and doing anything better.

Myself and Tolu of @lotsoflove_bytolu

5. I saw a lot of movies
(a) Well, before Abuja I did see a lot of non-Nigerian movies and while at Abuja, I had the cinema experience twice (no! It wasn’t a Nigerian movie, wasn’t that lucky lol) and I watched a lot of ROK when Debs went to work . . . so y’all should better get ready for some overdose of reviews
6. I bought and read a lot of books
(a) Yea! Hardcopy, EBooks. . . Spiritual, Creative. . . In fact, I got an autographed copy of Jolaade Philips’ Eden (I bought literally), bought and read Deborah Akingboye’s Fading Away and more. . . so you guys should expect massive book reviews too. . .
7. I did some audio poems and prose
(a) That’s true! Don’t tell me you haven’t listened to them . . . it’s called, Fuck Boy, Church Boy and The Gender in VirginityListen, leave a comment and follow my channel and I’ll be doing more . . . and I also plan to make a video recording of THE GENDER IN VIRGINITY.
8. I made peace with my purpose call
(a) If you noticed, a lot of changes have occurred. I’ve come to a place where I know I can’t run away from doing and fulfilling purpose. It’d take me out of my comfort zone but I’m ready to be unashamed for Christ’s sake, so you’d be reading a lot of personal expositions and Christian reflections on this blog. I hope you don’t just read them for fun or carelessly, I hope it inspires you, encourage you, take you to a place where you start your healing journey, cause you to renew your love for God and trust God doggedly again. . . we’re beautifully broken and highly loved by God.
9. I started writing my first hardcopy-published book.
(a) Sometimes this year, I started writing a book. This isn’t just any book. This is me pouring all of me and practically not holding anything back. I called it owning my truth in poetry. This is one book that’s gonna give you a peak into who I am, who I was, what shaped me into who I am, my battles, survival, trauma, mistakes, healing and redemption. I hope when it’s published, you’ll buy for yourself, friends and family no matter how much it costs.
10. I’ll be sharing a lot of personal stuff here 
(a) Some months ago, I shared a particular post on my IG page where I asked people why they follow me and I remember Yasmin’s comment about personal diaries. . . So yea, personal diaries are back!!! I’ll be introducing new segments to this blog and I’d be starting a travel diary where I share my experiences and the one I’ll be doing this month is called MY PUBLIC TRANSPORT DIARY. . . Are you guys ready!!!! Plus will I be sharing my Abuja experience? Hell yea!
11. I found the strength to live again.
Above all, I learnt to live, laugh and love!
Let me also say that one of the posts that kept bringing people to the blog consistently while I was not here was this post!!! As in people were even kind enough to leave me comments! Thanks y’all. I’ll sure try to do more music posts! Thanks so much. . .and yea, I discovered new songs!
Anyways, Just you know, I’m back with a bang. . . refreshed, renewed and reenergized. Therefore, if you’re my friend and you’re following me on social media especially all ye facebook people and you’re haven’t liked my Facebook Page or followed my IG blog page or subscribed to my Soundcloud Channel, iz like you’ve gba penalty lo throwing o!  what kind of friend are you???????? ?????
The links to do that are below. . . just scroll up and do the needful!. . . subscribe to the blog, like the Facebook page and follow other social media pages. . . and be on lookout for giveaways!!!
 I love you guys and yea, my controversial posts will be back! Maybe not tomorrow, but I think next tomorrow! Kizzezzzzzz. . .
Enjoy the holiday???
~ ©Ibukunwrites.

Sometimes, all you need is a little break. Ibukunwrites.


  1. Debs

    September 4, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    She’s back with a big bang bang!!! The way you loved me sha, chai…my name is almost in every line ❤️❤️❤️ I’m glad you are back and I’m super excited I’m one of the reasons you are?
    Looking forward to those posts??

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