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Jolaade Philips' 'EDEN' – A Pure Bliss!

Today, I am bringing you a long overdue review. . . told you I read quite a lot while I was away, well, this one is by my homeboy (I hope I’m allowed to do that) ‘cause believe me, I’ve got to be an homegirl to get a signed copy ?

EDEN is pure bliss! This book takes us to the place called healing – the place that says ‘hurting didn’t make you miss the best. . . that every hurt was meant to be and that yea, you’ll fly again because the wings were never broken.

Title: Eden
Genre: Poetry
Author: Jolaade Philips
Year of Publication: 2017
Number of Pages: 129
ISBN: 978-154-515-543-1
EDEN is that very relatable book that takes us on a journey in poetry through chronological and in-depth account of pain in relationships, feelings and meditations that come with pain, agony and being brokenhearted; the lies we tell ourselves, the questions we ask ourselves and desperately seek answers to but may never find, the consolations we give ourselves while we struggle for the rope of hope in the pain and try to be okay.

When the feeling isn’t mutual
you smile and tell yourself it’s okay 
but it’s not
when you gather all your emotions
just to tell them how you feel about them
but all you get in return is a fake smile
you smile and tell yourself it’s okay
but it’s not
what hurts isn’t that they don’t love you
it’s the fact that you have to watch them love
someone who isn’t you.  (page 5)
You leave and 
return as you please
you see my heart as a wick
that you can set 
on fire as you wish  (page 38)

Furthermore, EDEN is that book that tells the tale of pain within pain; letting people in and being taken advantage of or being wounded again;

I told you about my heavy heart
you knew the reason 
behind my soaked pillows
I was grey when you met me 
but you left me black
you promised me a rainbow
but it never rained
I made you my strength
but you left
you gave up on me
so I gave up on myself
I’m here now
a boy in the shadow of a man. (Page 7)

Jolaade Philips also reminded us in this book that to every pain comes certain truth and although sometimes, we may fight those truths, they are constant and they go a long way in determining what we do with the pain – to heal or to agonize; are we moving on to healing or are we staying back, nursing our hurts, wallowing in self-pity and probably getting more?

I could have stayed with the hurt
but I didn’t have any reason to
after spending so much time
crying over the pain I realized
that I wasn’t helping myself
the sleepless nights could have
been spent on my dreams
the lazy mornings could have
been occupied with my ambitions
so I got off my mourning garments
and I let myself be crowned once again
as the king that I am 
before you made me forget my throne
page 55)

Most importantly, Jolaade Philips didn’t fail to tell us that EDEN isn’t just the title of his book but it is that final destination everyone makes after a long journey through pain, healing and discovery. It is that place of bliss and restoration.

The view from here is perfect
when you have to look at the pain
from a position of joy
you’ll realize that it was worth it
when you look at the heartbreaks
from a position of love
you’ll realize that life kept the best for you.
when you look at the withered flowers
through the blossomed ones
you’ll realize that some things died
because they were too rotten for Eden. (Page 104).

. . . I called this Perfecto!. . . you know when that guy in Friendship 7 rocket in Hidden Figures passed through that damn burning fire and he was like that view is from Mendes – that is what I call the first line of that excerpt (The view from here is Mendes)
I must say that Jolaade Philips did a thorough job with this one – he didn’t try to be cute with the feelings neither was he with the truth. If there is anything I love about this book it’s that it affirms pain, healing and feelings are not sexist or has no gender! A woman can relate to everything penned in this book even though it was written by a male writer.

Favourites: I have more than quite a few that I can’t begin to list them but you need to get the book to really understand what I’m saying. When it comes to the divisions of the book, my favourite is Conversations with the heart. . . let me share one with you;

Me: I’m not okay with people feeling like my body is just an art exhibition that every man feels the need to touch. The society doesn’t even care. They make me feel like ‘Oh! I brought it on myself, I didn’t dress well, my dress was too revealing, I should have walked faster, I shouldn’t have been where I was when I was assaulted’ so they blame me for being a victim. We aren’t even allowed to talk about sexual assault anymore. I don’t care if you’re drunk, horny or even in your left mind. Dear man, you don’t get to do what you feel like doing to me, I’m not a sex object under your control. You don’t even know my name but you force yourself inside of me. Dear heart, try and find a way to get this across to the hearts of men and our leaders who don’t consider sexual assault to be an assault in the first place.
Heart: If only every man would see their mother in every woman, maybe women would be treated well.

Reservations: There’s really none except for some few typing errors (not up to four). 
Rating: Yea, I’m giving this book a 9/10. Believe me, this book is a blessing to every brokenhearted. It is the hope you need.
You can get this book on;
1. – just search EDEN or JOLAADE PHILIPS. It is N600
2. You can DM the writer on IG @jolaadephilips and get the hardcopy for N1,500 only.
Trust me, you’d be spending well.

Eden is a place of innocence, where the heart has been healed and ready to love again. It emphasizes on falling in love with self before anyone else. . . (page 100).

~©Ibukunwrites. 2017.


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