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I Don't Need No Man. . .

“Women often postpone their lives, thinking that if they’re not with a partner then it doesn’t really count. They’re still searching for their prince, in a way. And as much as we don’t discuss that, because it’s too embarrassing and too sad, I think it really does exist.” —Jane Campion

Hallos readers of Ibukunwrites blog. It’s been 13 days since I last posted on the blog and my apologies for getting carried away by so many things. Trust me, it’s not easy out there trying to put so many things in place and getting so many things done at the same time (I know y’all know that already?). . . In short, a Happy New Week to y’all. Trust you had a fabulous weekend. . . and definitely missed me!?
So this week, I’m gonna bring you a review – trust me, this book that’s gonna be reviewed is for my erotica and upcoming erotica fans???! This is nothing like any book you’ve read! This one is undiluted romance with a deep and manipulative use of imagery and literary nuances . . . y’all just gonna  have to wait for weekend! It promises to be hot! ?

feet crush @ibukunwrites

So what’s good today?. . . I know y’all wondering, what’s up with the caption. . . well, wait for it!
First and last?, I think I have a very big problem with some expressions and with time, I’ll begin to share and unfold them one after the other with y’all. . . ‘cause guys, it’s no longer funny! As in, it’s just no longer funny.
Throwback Tuesday!?
A week after I got back from Abuja to Kebbi, I was looking all shades of fresh and robust? (not like I gained some significant pounds but it was nothing like I was before the travel); all thanks to Debs, Yetunde, Seyifunmi who made Abuja home for me. . . and I rested, detoxed emotionally and breathe. . . so if I didn’t look any different from the previous, I should probably check myself then???. . . but that’s not the point though?
On getting back to Kebbi and resuming a week earlier as Teachers, one of the Teachers in my school (a guy) blurted out in a conversation and he was like “you look good o! do you now have another man in your life?” omo! I looked at him like you say what???? And then I laughed, walked away and kept on laughing till I couldn’t get the joke anymore. . . 
Just when I thought it was all over, I realized that boy, I was wrong!
The next day, he was like I was asking you something yesterday and you didn’t answer. . . now! Hold up! What’s wrong with y’all men folks (sorry, guy folks???), so a girl needs a man in her life to look good????? Like since when? Are we in the Stone Age or something? Even in the 80s, it wasn’t so! My Mama was looking smashing in all her pre-popc pictures and I’m sure he wasn’t in the picture then as BF . . . ???

The society has raised men into thinking women were born to be needy of men. In other words, it is believed that no matter how much a woman has or earns; whatever she possesses or her balance (looks, outfits etc.) is courtesy of the man. . . So a girl gotta have a man to glow? A girl gotta have a man in her life to look radiant, robust and fresh? What happened to peace of mind, emotional wholeness and being in a good place as a single woman??
Some few weeks back a guy was like how can a beautiful, intelligent and smart woman like you be single? You know what, this was supposed to be some sort of pick up line to get my knees weak and my cheeks foolishly blushing because I’m very much unaware that I am beautiful, intelligent and smart abi????? (oshey toaster???). . . so I was like, would you have asked me the same thing if I was a guy? No one hardly ask a guy how he could be single though he supposedly has it all. . .

I know you’re probably feeling like why is Ibukun on a strong-para mode this Tuesday morning but truth be told, mo ti binu gan! Cos it’s f-word annoying???annoying???

A girl doesn’t need a boy to look good
A woman doesn’t need a man to look good. . . 
Guy’s not peace of mind
Guy’s not a rising career
Guy’s not a growing fro
Guy’s not spa
Guy’s not detox
Guy’s not rest
Guy’s not food
Guy’s not UNLIMITED WIFI. . .
Guy’s not sightseeing
Guy’s not good footwear
Guy’s not . . . (put whatever that makes you happy)
Above all, Guy’s not JESUS!
. . .©Ibukunwrites.

A girl’s gotta look good ‘cause she’s got Christ!?
Happy Tuesday guys! Wishing you the best week that beats your imagination and believe me, God’s about to blow your mind! 
Don’t ever let a day pass without look dang good this week! And you know what, make that shii trend! #guyisnotJesus #agirldontneedaguytolookgood
Leave a comment and let me know what a guy isn’t to you (like Guy’s not. . .) I know you understand just. . .lol
Don’t worry, be happy!
Stay faithful to the blog
And I’m currently listening to Tasha Cobb’s I am Getting Ready ft. Nicki Minaj!
Till I come your way again. . . ????
©Ibukunwrites. 2017.

“How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?” —Anaïs Nin


  1. Debs

    October 17, 2017 at 6:51 am

    People and their myopic thoughts!?‍♀️ Good thing no one has said that nonsense to my ears, they will hear it hot hot ?? And no I don’t need a man cos a man is not FOOD, neither is her a good BOOK!
    Let them keep their “man is making you glow” opinion to themselves!?

  2. Gavin Longy

    October 17, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Ebukun, I enjoyed reading this on my ride home. Made me smile, too right, it’s all about being the best you can be every day and being comfortable in yourself, my friends have different styles I don’t think to ask the single ones if I see then with a new hairstyle have they got a man in their life, how rude, keep blogging, your blog is definitely different and that’s great

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      October 19, 2017 at 5:21 pm

      Awwwwww Gavin!!!! You’re an amazing friend! Thanks a lot! Won’t stop and I think I might start looking forward to your comments (getting attached lol?)

  3. Dazzle

    October 24, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    Guys not good music
    Guys not corn and coconut
    Guys not dodo?
    Guys not mind reader
    Guys not wish granting genie
    Guys not Narnia
    Guys not time machine
    Guys not kingdom come!
    No truer words ever spoken ???

  4. richteewrites

    November 9, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Oh okay…
    Well expressed thoughts.
    However even though a man is not needed to look good or to enjoy life at its peak as a single and independent lady,
    “A man is needed while looking good and enjoying life”.
    Nice article dear

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