Mckayla Robbin's 'We Carry the Sky': The Immersion

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If you read my last book review, you’ll remember my narrative about getting a parcel of books and my intention to review them all as I read them. So in that regards, I’ve decided to bring you another book review! 
Title: We Carry The Sky
Genre: Poetry
Author: Mckayla Robbin
Publisher: Hachette books
Year of Publication: 2016
Number of Pages: 145
ISBN: 978539367383z

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First, I’d like to say that this book right here is Mckayla Robbin’s first self-published book and as a Writer, self-publishing somehow scares me because it’s just pretty easy not to sell out especially in Nigeria here and believe me, maybe we don’t say it or admit it like that, but there are lots of eBook publication among young and rising Nigeria Writers because many of these writers are trying to push themselves and saving ahead for their hardcopy release and then it can be scary thinking about the probability that it may or may not sell but with Writers like Mckayla Robbin, Rupi Kaur, and a host of others, some of us are daily being inspired that to own your truth is worth any risk at all and never to let the fear of what may and may not be stop us from going for what we want.
We Carry The Sky

This book is divided into four powerful parts filled with short yet powerful poems that attack loss, love and freedom. It’s a collection that challenges us to be uncomfortable with social injustice we’ve been conditioned by ourselves, situations and the society to be okay with. 
We Carry The Sky will take you on emotional and critical reasoning rollercoaster. I read this book at one-sitting and it the way it made me feel never really left. It was so much about how  Mckayla powerfully and deeply sprung her words together to leave her reader breathless and craving for more. It tackles issues like violence, racism and most importantly, the rape culture and so many other topics anyone might be reluctant to talk about.

In fact, it wasn’t just talking about them; it was the way she talked about them without fear.
Mckayla Robbin’s We Carry the Sky is a book that brings you something to always connect with. This right here is darn feminist! It is loud, blunt, wild and vocal! 

This is a poetry that helps you to realize the depth of the pain. 

It is the truth. . .

It helps you heal, fall in love and love yourself all over again, helps you accept your body and heal it. It is a book anyone who has been sexually abused and assaulted can relate to and find succour in.

This poetry is hope! It’s peaceful! It’s magical. It’s inspirational and female-empowering. Above all, it encourages women to be unashamed; that freedom is attainable in a body that has been through so many wars and there is no need to despise the wound ‘cause something beautiful grows there. 

It’s says take it easy, don’t be too hard on yourself, go through the journey and enjoy the process! One day at a time!

It’s a call to love; self love. 

Absolutely none! This is a book that gets all of you! The content of which you wanna sleep and wake in! Thank you Mckayla for being so vulnerable, blunt and inspiring❤
. . . till I come your way again, never stop reading!?
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  1. Gavin Longy

    November 25, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Interesting post Ebukun, I think having so few words per page increases their impact. This sounds an interesting book. I am still looking for the previous book you reviewed, will be ordering it. Look forward to the next post, the frequency is fine for me, I can fit reading around my work time.

    1. Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

      December 14, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      Thanks Gavin! I hope to do better with the frequency! And you’re so right about the words being few increasing the impact!❤

      1. Gavin Longy

        December 17, 2017 at 5:33 pm

        Thank you for recommending Chinua Achebe, I couldn’t put Things fall apart down. Very well written, will be feeding on the next one to read. Thank you.

  2. Debs

    November 27, 2017 at 7:53 am

    This is powerful and deep. I can’t wait to read the entire book.

  3. Debs

    November 27, 2017 at 7:53 am

    This is powerful and deep. I can’t wait to read the entire book.

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