New Beginnings

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Seneca.

This quote right here says it all for me. New beginnings definitely does mark the end of an old one and sometimes, life springs from death; hope from loss and strength from exhaustion and one thing they all have in common is will. 

This will is what births the beautiful; what brings celebration to a once-upon a time mourning and what brings restoration to desolation.

You know the beautiful thing I have discovered about life is that sometimes, life is not living what normal means to everyone, it is carving and determining what normal is and means to you.

First, reasoning that way actually came like gibberish to me but not for long ‘cause the phoenix came to mind and then I realized, normal after what the phoenix experiences (from ferociously burning and reducing the bird and nest to ashes) is to stay ashes. I mean, by the world and natural standards, the phoenix shouldn’t rise a fledgling phoenix out of its ashes but it did. She defied the norms by creating hers and every time, the phoenix lives up to it; her kind of normal never bores her and you know what, that fulfills her and the amazing part of the phoenix’s journey is the ability to setting bars for herself  that ends up inspiring hope in humans and generations of humans to come. I mean, can you imagine that?

Normal sometimes is defying another’s normal and creating yours.  Normal is weird. Normal is unconventional. Normal is abnormal. Normal is different and different is awesome and unique.

Normal is having fears of different kinds – acceptance, etc. but still doing it.

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I know this post is supposed to be about how I finally went from blogging on a free domain to having my own domain well, that’s basically the gist but I think I just could never shy at a moment to motivate or inspire.

My blogging journey has been an amazing one; from content writing and site-managing a website whose name I still very much remember at no pay, coming together with someone to establish a blog I had to manage by myself on the long run, opening my own blog and moving from blogger to WordPress, content writing on a familiar platform for free and when it became a payment thing, I never really got paid and from there, I went on to do a couple of freelance works/content writings on platforms that are still owing me till date but the beautiful thing about this journey is the ability to sustain and keep the interest alive since its inception.

The Journey to Domain

I remember how excited Debs was when I told her I finally got a domain. It probably was something I should have done a longtime ago but although at a point, I wasn’t financially capable to do so and when I was kinda, I had other pressing needs and when I didn’t, I had fears and worries ‘cause I knew I could trust my free domain; my site could never be down, not even hosting issues and then having to start all over with readers’ subscription on a new domain was like crap you know.

And then one day, last week (that sounds like crap), I had this cash and I was like I’m doing this and just like that, I did it. Of course, if I had paid attention to certain things in my life, a part of me could be like Ibukun, why put all that money in a blog you definitely ain’t making money from but there’s this part of me that says, No! Ibukun, you won’t think that way. It’s about time. You should have taken this step a long time ago. This is branding. Ibukunwrites is bigger and I realized one thing about me is I hardly do things when everyone expects me to do it and one day, I probably will just wake up and do it and the truth is, I surprise myself too in those moments.


Above all, in less than two weeks of starting this journey of moving, I have learnt quite a great deal and chief of it all is Fears are Immaterial.

Customizing was supposed to be challenging but it came out quite easy. I learnt so much reading online and putting it in practice – it has been a very educative adventure which of course I know won’t be all that rosy cos I’ve had situations of my site being down, updating php, etc. but the first thing I always do, is google the challenge online, read all the responses and when it becomes hard, I contact my host provider and the beautiful thing is, I tend to go and grow through the process of sorting it all out by myself.

Chief of it all is taking this step has been very inspiring for me. I was in a place in my blogging life where consistency and dedication had become a big issue. My interest didn’t fade but it was hard to keep up with that speed I started with but taking this new step felt like everything I needed to do for a great come back and sometimes, when you brand, you’re not just branding your services, you get branded alongside too.

Sometimes, beginning again is not the easiest thing to do but it’s all you need to do. – Ibukunwrites

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Finally, I want to say a very big thank you to Debs. I remember how we met online, our first time of meeting offline and how genuine and real the bond had grown from there. First, it started as admiration from you and mehn, I bet you, those moments are still very fresh but now, we can boast of how mutual that affection and respect is. Thank you for loving my pieces when I was just a free domain user, thank you for looking forward to this moment and thank you for everything you’ve done to make this moment a perfection.

Till I come your way again in another post, I’m saying to you, new beginnings are never easy but they are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to start again, welcome something new or do it anew.

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Lots of love,



What scares you most about starting afresh? What’s holding you back from new beginnings? How do you handle new beginnings when it comes? Kindly leave your opinions in the comment section, I would love to read from you and respond to you.


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  1. Gavin Longy

    April 10, 2018 at 6:14 am

    I enjoyed reading this post Ebukun, the new domain looks great and its great to see your blog progressing and changing. New beginnings are great and I enjoy new challenges and meeting new people. It’s been an eventful last few weeks. The fear of making big changes in your life can stop you as you age, do you stick with what you have, when you have done well in your career or do you take a risk and go for something you might enjoy more. The best choices I have made in my career have been when I took a risk, either by leaving a good job or applying for a promotion i wasn’t expected to get. The most important thing is to try and keep trying and know when to jump even when you are scared, if you try and stand still someone will downsize your job or what you had will change and your friends will have moved on, I enjoy trying scary things, they don’t always work as you imagined, if they don’t make you happy just change again, the most important thing is to value the true friendships you make along the way, treasure and nurture them and always make time to help your friends. Being different can confuse people and can be seen as weird and bring unwelcome attention but those people are not your true friends and are not important, your true friends will stick with you, will support you, defend you and be honest with you. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog thrive this year.

    1. ibukunwrites

      April 10, 2018 at 6:17 pm

      Hey Gavin! It’s so great to have you back! I bet it has been quite an eventful last few weeks but above all, God be praised for victory. Thanks a lot for the beautiful words and declarations for the blog and I am also definitely looking forward to seeing the blog thrive this year too. Also, I really appreciate all you’ve shared with me in this comment. I have also discovered happiness and fulfillment trumps it all and yea, you’re right, true friends will always support, defend and stick with you no matter what. Above all, I’m learning to take risk more; do the needful even if it looks stupid and crazy. Thanks once more. Looking forward to more of your comments.

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