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Rediscovering My Romanticism

Let the romantic minds meet the romantic cities and after that the candle of romanticism shines on earth like a sun! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan.

Every opportunity to publish content on a platform that makes my brand is always something of immense joy and fulfillment to me. I realized through the journey of discovering and rediscovering who I am that no matter how sloppy or out of hand things get or become, I could never give up! I could never walk out on my own dreams, pull down the journey of many lonely years that made who I am still becoming or quit and let the not so awesome parts of life win and prevent the awesomeness I am bound to meet. I want to say a very Happy New Month to the amazing readers of Ibukun’s Writing Lounge. Hope y’all enjoying the new month so far. It’s the 6th day of the month and yea guys, the days just keep counting till we are at the very last day of what makes the month. May every moment of this new month bring us joy and nothing less, Amen.

I promised myself at the very middle of July that my very first blogpost in August was going to be an episode from my age-long series ‘cause I thought it’d make sense that I complete it whether people are still interested or not.

I sort of got tired of explaining and trying to let people understand that I did my best or I’m doing my best to push through and still be a very good dang writer to the best of my ability even with the so much I have going on in my life and for me, there is no one I respect more than my readers and audience especially where my brand is concerned but the truth is, sometimes, things get out of hand and you just have to learn to reprioritize forcefully and sometimes, you just run out of explanations because people won’t understand, so you gotta quit trying to make them and most importantly, the people who really care don’t make a quarter of the people you supposedly have.

sometimes, the people who really care don’t make a quarter of the people you supposedly have. Click To Tweet

Well, majorly for me, the beginning of a new month is an opportunity to reflect and I think the biggest lesson I’ve come to learn even at the expense of my reputation is learning never to make promises because you may never be able to keep them – not because you don’t want to but because these things don’t make it easy for you!

Sometimes, you can’t explain depression. You can’t explain some very private wars/issues and sometimes, these things get in the way. I mean, they get in the way all the time and every time we rise above their repressions but there are days we can’t. Those days can take a while to rise above but then, there are so many things on the line already.

Why am I dropping this here? – well, I guess the next post I’ll probably publish will be another episode from that age-long series and basically because August promises to be kind to me and I can only hope he’ll stay true to his promises. I intend to bring my audio poetries back; bring back my podcast channel and blog often – more literary critiques, book, music and movie reviews (I’ve listened to a couple of amazing songs, read a lot of books and seen some very interesting movies). More like, I’m gonna remind you why you fell in love with this space in the first place.

Writing is how I cope – how I live, how I escape, how I breathe, how I detox, how I live fearlessly. I’ll bring the inspirations, commentaries and opinions really back. I hope we can all stay together through this ride. It’s been hard lately for me mentally but I’m learning to breathe and hold on to God’s words and receive the love I get and I think I’m rediscovering my romanticism.

Yeah! You read right! Two days ago, I got a comment from a bride-to-be on one of my music posts of over two years and it made me feel nostalgic. It reminded me that – I used to be in love. I used to believe in love. I used to feel butterflies listening to love stories and watching lovers show love. I am a product of love. I am love. I dig love. I love love and then I stopped digging, I stopped thinking, I stopped feeling butterflies. I stopped believing words of love. I stopped having awwwss and getting love struck. I stopped thinking I would ever get married. I stopped looking forward to having a dance to Nel Oliver’s baby girl with my father on my wedding day. I just stopped until two days ago. I no longer have that song on my own phone again. So, I downloaded it again from my own dropbox. I danced to it and my roommate looked at me like I was crazy. She didn’t even know the song. I imagined I was the other salsa partner and my dad was somewhere imaginary.

I found it again. My love for love. My love to love. I found that romantic girl again. It sound so stupid but right there, I knew I was gonna get married one day. I was gonna dance with my father and not only dance, but to that song. I am gonna be a very beautiful bride and love’s not gonna suck. I looked forward to many moments and I didn’t feel guilty for any of that. Then, I remembered days I was so away from the blog and this post was actually the one that kept many people visiting and leaving comments for me.

When I did that post, I didn’t know it was gonna be this powerful and blissful but it was and still is and I’m glad that through this song, I found that silly romantic girl again – the girl is still within the lady.

I want to say a very big thank you to Boluwatife for the above comment she left me and I wish her a very beautiful and forever married life as she becomes a bride this month and I hope her dad is as thrilled as she envisaged.

Writing is how I cope – how I live, how I escape, how I breathe, how I detox, how I live fearlessly. Click To Tweet

Lest I forget, I’ve decided to make it a point of duty to bring back those beautiful old songs again and I’ll be taking song requests every week😊

What’s that song you’ve been looking for from the 90s, 80s? What songs would you like to see me write on? Do you need lyrics too? I got ya!👌

On this beautiful note, I’d like to say thanks a lot for reading! Wishing you a wonderful new week and a prosperous August! I hope the rain is gonna calm down a little cos the cold has become unbearable 😔

Please leave comments for me in the comment section ‘cos like always, I’d really love to read from y’all!

It’s still @ibukunwrites on all social media platforms!!!

Love always,


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