The Little Things Are Still Big

Sometimes, when I think about the little things, I do not try to think about how long it took them to happen but how meaningfully well they’ve helped shape my life and build my hope, resilience and resolve to believe fiercely in myself and the ability of life to give me something beyond pains and setbacks. Sometimes, when we think something is too small, it’s not that those things are really too small, it’s because we are so close-minded to see the depth and abilities in small things. I mean, if they are that small, how then were we able to see them?

Sometimes, when we think something is too small, it’s not that those things are really too small, it’s because we are so close-minded to see the depth and abilities in small things Click To Tweet

These feels like crap already but it’s not! I could hear a part of me saying girl, save the parables, witting sayings and quotable quotes but at least, y’all know those words are always mine. Moreover, I’ve come to a place of comfort with and in myself where I accept that I am deep and everything I’ve been through in life beyond the natural depth deposited in me by God has helped shape me to become deeper and that’s not overrated, neither is it problematic, it’s who I am, it’s who I’ll always be and it’s a blessing to make words that goes way beyond the surface to make meanings.

What’s the point of this post?

Towards the end of last year, specifically the last day of the year, I realized that I spoke or wrote little about how much 2018 was for me. Maybe I didn’t because it felt like some sort of tradition everyone engaged in on the blog or probably because I was trying not to meditate on the past but then I realized whatever the reasons may be, it’s a great disservice to the old year not to talk about how encouraging it was for me. This is not a post doing 2018 in retrospect; this is just a post aimed at letting you understand that the little things, those seemingly insignificant things still go a long way.

Last year, I almost shut the door finally on blogging. I was in this space where I was tired of basically repeating the same story to the readers. I had a crazy relapse in early 2017 that obviously took the whole of that year and 2018 to work through. Even though I tried being intentional about the blog by leaving the free domain and migrating to .com, I was still unable to meet my set goals for the blog. As disappointment would have it, there was more discouragement waiting for me as I had a chat with someone and in the process of the chat, I heard something that didn’t sound so much of a compliment about me based on a particular series I ran on the blog and couldn’t finish. It really broke me and I said to myself, “I’m gonna do this” but I still couldn’t anyway, so, I gave up on the blog.

I told myself, I was gonna plan other things that doesn’t include my blog but while the year ran out, I found encouragement in two little things –  things that inspired me to start anew, things that said even though I didn’t do so well, I wasn’t doing bad. Even though I wasn’t touching the blog, people were still visiting.  .  .

Sometimes in December, I was going through a bout of depression and someone left me a comment on Instagram thanking me for a post I did on a very old song and how that particular post didn’t only returned his long lost love (song) back to him but also gave him the lyrics. It made me feel great. Of course, that was not the first time I was getting comments concerning that post, but it was timely – the joy that a post of almost three years still got people visiting the blog felt new and somewhere deep within me, I was like, it’s time to bring back more of these old songs

Then, the biggest little thing happened when I got notifications via WordPress and Gmail that a particular post of mine was referenced in a November 11 post here. Apparently, I got the message late but then, in a world where people give little to no shit about giving credits when due, it made me really feel great and the weirdest thing about this particular one was that I only did the post without so much expectation for it – like I did almost all of my posts and writings. 

At the end of the day, I found myself being grateful for those two little things cos I was certain, I probably would have let go of this platform without them. I hate being inconsistent but then, people can only do so little of understanding even when they know the details surrounding it. 

This year, I’ll also not be making any promises but I can bet you, it’s filled with surprises. I’ll be starting where I left off and I’ll be creating new beginnings.  Thanks for sticking with me this far and don’t forget to celebrate the little things in your life and the little wins too!

Have a fabulous week ahead! See you again!

Love and light,



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