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Happy Int'l Women's Day

Happy New Month readers! I didn’t think this would be my first post for the month after a long while but a part of me just can’t resist posting this.
It’s International Women’s Day and in a society where women are daily rising from and conquering stereotypes, injustice, gender inequality, chauvinism, abuse, misogyny and more, I’ve decided to write these pieces to celebrate the woman.
the God in me
the God in me
is black
the God in me
is female
she’s the soul
on whose grace
my body survives
the God in me
is woman
she’s loud
intimidating the ground
she walks on
with circles of black curls
all about
at each combing
the God in me
is a Phoenix;
out of the ashes
she’s rising
unhindered. . .

you can be your own kind of woman. ~ Ìbùkúnwrites.

Still Phenomenal

“I wasn’t born to fulfill expectations. I wasn’t born to fit a stereotype. I’m not your typical African woman. Maybe I was until I realized how comfortable the society expected me to be even though I’m trampled upon. How submissive I should be even if his hands hurt my body. How willing I am meant to be each time he desires my body and I don’t want to give it out. The society is quick to tell I’m exaggerating when I’m hurting. Even in my truth, I could be a liar without evidence. Sometimes the evidence written all over my body can be self-inflicted ’cause a woman is manipulative.
I am a generation questioning everything. Fighting my way through misogyny, chauvinism, subjugation and female injustice. I’m a soul living in an historic body that’s not visible to them ’cause it’s more emotional and psychological than it’s concrete.
I am a woman breaking my voice outta the silence box. I am fighting, conquering, winning, rising, figuring my own desires and being okay with them. I am learning to be okay with my own love – not searching, not chasing, not running after. I’m a woman in full realization that I don’t owe this society an explanation of how I’m being woman. I’m a woman totally aware that I determine what completeness means to me.
I’m a woman, a full manifest; whole and not half; unashamed and never to give in to shame; not repulsed by my past but shaped from it; not distracted by hate; don’t care for human validation. I am me – a survivor. I am wild, untamed, no longer hard on me. I am healing, rejoicing, hoping, self-comforting and shedding. I’m a woman – renegade, loud, evolving and no matter who I discovered at the end of this journey, I’m still phenomenal. .

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass. —Maya Angelou